Sterling Silver Necklaces to wear this Summer

Jewelry is a simple way to dress up your regular outfits, whether it’s for a night out or a business meeting.

Necklaces are a great way to tie layered items together, and silver is a great choice for this. Silver is a classic and understated way of bringing some bling to an outfit, all without breaking the bank. They’re versatile, warm, and perfect forSummer outfits!

San Saru Jewelry

San Saru is a jewelry store that offers a wide range of necklaces, all made from 925 Sterling Silver. Sterling silver necklaces are timeless material that lasts years, silver is a low-cost option that offers class and style. In fact, San Saru is dedicated to creating jewels that accompany you forever, without ever losing their precious shine or colors.

So, let’s take a look at some options for this Summer:


Whilst chokers flew into fashion in the 2010s, bringing their striking elegance and versatility, it seems as though material chokers are less favored in 2021 – but not silver chokers! Silver chokers remain a classic look, and are almost separate from the material choker trend.

Silver chokers are often worn without other necklaces, creating a layering of jewels that helps you sparkle. The Aditi necklace and Bahut necklace are some of the most popular choices this year.

The Kanta necklace is also a great option for this summer, as it brings a vintage and symmetrical look. It adapts very well to different neck sizes and is a great addition to a chain or shaped necklace.


A strong chain can lift your look, and are back in fashion stronger than ever before. A chain can polish a look and come in a tonne of different formats. For example, the Kiram necklace is a simple unisex chain that goes great with a choker. With elongated and thin links, it’s bold yet simple.

The Priyanka, on the other hand, is somewhat the opposite, with very small links with no spaces in between. This snake-style chain is versatile with many outfits, making it very popular in 2021. The Devdan necklace is perhaps the most unique with both small interlocking links as well as solid cylinders, giving plenty of diversity and elegance.

Pendant necklaces

Pendant necklaces are where your personality can really shine. This is where necklaces get more bold and unique, with more artistic potential and personalization. For example, a necklace like the Patra has a small-to-medium-sized letter as a pendant – any letter that the customer wants to choose. This could be a friend’s initials or something equally sentimental.

The Baat is a great choice for environmentalists and animal lovers, as it’s in the shape of a whale tail, whilst the Hema necklace is ideal for those who are spiritual and enjoy mandalas. The Moksha, on the other hand, is a moon and star necklace decorated with zircons.

As we can see, there are an indefinite amount of ways to express your personality – or sentiment – through a pendant necklace.

Necklaces with Natural Stones

If you’re looking to add some unique colour to your look this Summer then a natural stone is a great way to go about this. Silver necklaces are the perfect way to hold a gemstone because of their neutrality – they go with anything. So, this is a chance to add some bright colors to your look.

The Savati necklace is extremely popular in 2021, with it being a rose quartz stone that stands out. However, the pastel color isn’t too over the top, as it subtly brings a pretty pinkness to an outfit. This is the same for the pastel blue Aisma necklace, which is embedded in a cyclical interlocking silver.

All of these gemstone necklaces at San Saru are handmade in Europe with 925 Sterling Silver, adjustable, and offer returns along with sustainable packaging.

Final Word

It’s not just necklaces that can enhance your Summer appearance. You can create eye-catching and colorful combinations with other sterling silver jewels. In San Saru you will also find rings, earrings, bracelets and anklets to give to your looks a touch of shine and color this summer.

If you have any questions, please ask below!