Should a Couple Choose Matching Wedding Bands?

Similar to honeymoon destinations and wedding cakes, there will always be instances where different couples prefer different things. When considering wedding bands, you should consider whether you are comfortable with the wedding band style that you choose. The reason for this is because you will have to wear the band for the rest of your life. Therefore, it is necessary that you make the right choice.

The issue of having a similar wedding band should not arise if you are both comfortable with having different wedding bands. In case you are not sure of what type of wedding band you want, you need the following information before you go to any jewellery store or on-line store; the metals, the gold, the colour, the finish, the diamonds and the gemstones, and the designs.

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When considering the design, it is important to note that you can get a traditional or a modern design. The problem with these choices is that one partner may want a contemporary design and the other may want a traditional design. Therefore, it is up to each partner to decide their own personal style when choosing a wedding band.

Regarding matching sets, there are those sets that are offered with different widths. However, you need to ensure that you have similar width or size of the ring finger. Otherwise, you will have to instruct your jeweller to provide custom-made matching sets that are scaled to provide for different sizes of you and your partner's ring fingers. Therefore, it is a lot cheaper to consider individual preferences when getting wedding bands.

For instance, men's wedding bands often have a style that is masculine as opposed to wedding bands for women. As such, it would be better off to ensure that you each get a wedding band that you both like and will not mind wearing for as long as you are married. There are options when you get different bands for each partner. They include:

  • Two bands that have identical metals but have different styles
  • Two bands that have different metals but share the same style

If one of the partners prefers a detailed design while the other couple prefers a simple design, you can choose wedding bands that are similar. Once you have similar wedding bands, have one of the wedding bands highly polished with gold, silver or any other inlay of metal in the middle.

Essentially, the choice you make for your wedding band is important because you will have to wear the wedding band for your whole life. Therefore, make sure that the choice you make is based on your personal style. Ensure that you agree as a couple and not force the issue of matching sets when you both know that you have different styles. Once you have your wedding band, you are ready to say I do in style and accessorize the rest of your attire well.


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