Numbers don’t lie! Men love to wear semi-precious stone bracelets!

Did you think men are interested only in sports, food, and women? Well, think again! It seems that more and more men are preoccupied with the way they look, which is why they are increasingly choosing to emphasize their outfits with jewelry as well. They still invest in quality watches, but the new trend is to buy jewelry that can be worn every day and/or for special occasions.

Some of the most popular are semi-precious stone bracelets. Even though male shoppers don’t have so many dedicated stores, experts are reporting a rise of men buying fashion accessories. Most of them wear these bracelets to complete their outfits, but also to increase their confidence, boost their mood and shake things up a bit. Of course, the question is why do they prefer beads?

First of all, let’s give some credits to male celebrities, the true influencers of all times. Men are being encouraged to find their jewelry style — with stacking and layering being a continued trend in this sector of the market. Jason Momoa, Ringo Starr, Jay Z, and Steven Tyler are just a few names who proved that semi-precious stone bracelets can do magic in any outfit. No matter they are worn with simple, basic clothes, or you choose a sophisticated print or very elegant suit, a single bracelet will change the entire vibe. So the versatility is another reason that explains their increased popularity.

Also, semi-precious stone bracelets are some of the few hand accessories that can be worn in stacks. There is a current trend for layering multiple bracelets. Beaded bracelets are timeless jewelry due to their simplicity and elegance. This is why men can opt for multiple pieces, or combine them with a watch or other accessories, like rings or necklaces.

The most popular semi-precious stone bracelets designs

It’s no surprise that most of the men prefer neutral colors. Black Onyx, Lava, Hematite and White Quartz are best sales, but earthy tones and vibrant colors are more and more popular, especially during the warm seasons. Men are more willing than ever to alternate their forever all-black outfits with soft colors, prints and other bold options that can make them feel better in their skin.

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Men, the semi-precious stone bracelets market has never been so generous! This is your time to look amazing with every occasion.

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