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You grazed your heels day and night to get your dream job. Finally, you got it you, now you are eager to start your first day, you open your closet and kaboom!! you have no formal dress to wear to the office. The selection of your wardrobe v/s what is appropriate for work will leave you scratching your head. With a new job, you require new clothing too however where to start from?. You skimmed through countless catalogs and your eyes stuck on to few channel dresses nevertheless your wallet can only afford one and you have to get through the whole week!

Don’t panic, here is the list compiled by the pros like ELLE(1) and life-hack(2) to get started on your new office wardrobe with your limited savings.


1) Blazers

Black or navy blue blazer labels are neat and chic. You can match up your blazer with skirt or trousers to acquire the look for presentation and formal meetings.

2) Formal blouse

Blouse gives proper look to any outfit, considering the color of blouse should be neutral.

3) Shirts

Either button-up or t-shirt both can pair nicely with jeans and skirts also transform it into more office look by adding a blazer.

4) Jeans

Any dark jeans work appropriately if twined with a formal top. Not just it is handy it can be worn outside of work too.

5) Trousers

Properly trimmed trousers mostly of neutral colors will transform your casual garb into a solemn look. You can couple it up with a colored blouse, t-shirts and blazers.

6) Skirts

Midi length pencil skirts fits into every work place. Black or grey skirt can paired up different shirts and blouses, tan or black stockings are must for formal look. The added blazer will instantly create more put together impression furthermore make your outfit appear pricey too.

7) Business dress

This dress can be worn from presentations to meetings to formal lunches. It is chic and formal and looks great on every one. The color neutral well-cut business suit is a must have staple in work closet.


8) Trench coats

The nice overcoat goes with any outfit beneath. It ties up your attire and can be a great alternative to blazers.

9) Bags

Depending on your work, carry a simple shoulder bag or tote bag which is roomy to fit your laptop plus essentials. Whilst sturdy enough for everyday wear and tear.

10) Shoes

This is based on the requirements of the season and work. From heels, pumps, ballet to boots it can vary with your style. Single sole heels in black never go out of fashion. If your work puts you constantly on your feet then go for ballet flats, they look cute as well as are easy on feet.


10) Watch

It gives off very intellectual and orderly vibes. You can for opt for chain or leather strap watch. Though it should not be clucky or too flashy.

11) Subtle jewelry

Simple studs, single-stranded chain, a string of pearls or sequence bracelet will amp up your outfit and give you sophisticated look.

12) No make-up makeup

Conceal those under your eyes bags. The light-handed makeup makes you look fresh and extra presentable. Vivid lip color makes you appear more awake and attentive.

All listed items are fundamental to office wardrobe. These articles can be paired up with different combinations that will last your entire month. There are loads of cost-friendly stores such as Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdale, H&M, Forever 21, Target, ZARA, ASOS, and Amazon. You can purchase directly from store or order online. Also, these stores put clearance sale by the end of the season plus also have discount cards available.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    Thanks for saying that tan or black stockings are crucial to getting the perfect office look. My wife is going back to work after three years of being a full-time mom, so I want to be a supportive husband by shopping for new office clothes for her. I already bought everything you said in your list except for stockings. I guess I have to run back downtown and buy her a pair or two of high-high stockings. Thanks!

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