Men's Underwear: 12 Different Styles That are Popular

One of the least talked about subject in menswear is their underwear. Every men's magazine has an article on women's underwear and what it signifies, but very few articles are there on men's undergarments. If you are under impression that men's underwear is usually simple, then you are mistaken. The men's underwear range is very long and so many varieties are available.

There are more varieties of men's underwear styles today with different cuts and colors. You can find all types of men's underwear at stores or online websites. ABC Underwear offers men's underwear right from boxers to briefs to sexy trunks. You can purchase men’s underwear at and create a new style statement. Few types of men's underwear are as given below,



This is the most conventional and comfortable type of underwear. They provide some cover for lower end of waistline to avoid inner friction between thighs. Briefs have an overlap fly or a contour pouch.

2.Low-Rise Brief

low briefs

This style has become very popular. The waistband rests on hip just below the waist and may or may not have front fly.

3.Mid Rise brief

Mid Rise brief

This is a lower rise than the standard brief with the waistband just above the navel.



The bikini is cut lower than a low rise brief and the elastic is little below the waistline. It gives full coverage and the front never has fly.

5.Board shorts

Board shorts

The board shorts were the first most uniform for surfers and have been long associated with water sports. This style extends until the knee or slightly above.



A boxer is loose fitting, without support and loosely covers body from waist to just above mid thigh. Generally, a working fly is present in the front. There are any boxer short styles for grandfather to trendy ones.

7.Boxer Brief

Boxer Brief

It is a combination of both briefs and boxer to create this boxer briefs. Boxer briefs have a front fly design just like a traditional brief.



A racing suit or swimsuit is secured by a drawstring at the waist and thin elastic banding around the legs. It is made of nylon to reduce drag in water.

9.Thong / Jock Strap

Jock StrapThis type has elastic waistband and front cup panel that is kept in place by a tape. This is used in athletics or when minimal coverage is required.



The trunk is form fitting similar to Speedo but with shorter legs.

11.G- Strings


This type of underwear is not for hardcore athletes or faint-hearted. A thin piece of fabric in frontal portion and leaving glutes exposed these bare minimum. This is good for wearing during water sports.



A jock strap is wide elastic waistband with a support pouch to protect from injury. They are generally worn under baseball or football pants.

Hence, with so many options available to choose from you can select one according to your preferences. The important factor to be considered is comfort level, material and flexibility of material.

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