Men’s Fashion: A Manly Guide To Rugged Style

While it’s true that the hipsters have ruled the past decade, trends in men fashion are shifting towards a manlier look once again. However, it may be difficult to get that look right after so much time where men in female jeans ruled, which is why we’ve come up with this ultimate guide to get you started. Rugged style isn’t all about having a beard, it’s a combination of clothes that’ll make you look stronger and more independent overall. It’s all about focusing on your masculinity but still sticking to your manners – in order to become a rugged gentleman.

Hair and Beard

Your hair and your facial hair are probably the first things that come to mind when you think about the rugged look. Your hair won’t grow overnight, but if you’re really after the rugged look – you’ll have no problems investing 6-9 months in order to get that “I just don’t care” look. As for your beard, give it 5-10 days and see how it looks on your face. The idea is to look like you’re way too busy to bother with shaving – you look good without even trying. After the 10 days though, it’s important to have your trimming gear and prevent your beard from doing whatever it wants. There’s a huge difference between the rugged look and the one that makes you seem like a bum.


When it comes to outerwear, there are some must-haves if you really want to get that rugged look right. A leather jacket is a piece of clothes you’ll always want in your inventory, even if it may seem like an overkill for the weather outside. You’ll be using it in spring and in autumn at least, which is way more than most of your clothes anyway. A leather jacket over a white t-shirt will go a long way making you look great, yet you’ll seem like you didn’t spend more than 2 minutes getting dressed.


The type of shirt that’s most associated with the rugged look is probably the red checkered shirt. Male celebrities have started wearing this piece of clothes recently, including the likes ofRyan Reynoldsand Ryan Gosling. This shirt is the easiest way to get that lumbersexual look that’s becoming so important for the rugged style – so make sure you always have one in your closet. The idea of wearing a casual shirt is that you’ll never feel restricted in it, you can chop some wood in it but you can do something more delicate as well.


When talking about jeans, they can be new or old – the most important thing is that they aren’t too tight or too baggy. A rugged look is achieved by wearing clothes that don’t restrict you in any way, but you don’t want to be looking like a homeless person either. When choosing between wearing pants and shorts – always opt for the former. There’s nothing rugged about looking at someone’s white knees and legs – and even if you want to show those off, you can go with a ripped pair of jeans.


A rugged style means wearing a pair of work boots. Forget about sneakers, at least for now. Your boots should look like they can handle a steel bar falling on them from the roof of a building. The more they look worn out the better since your boots alone will go a long way to make you look manlier. Whether you’ll go for regular leather work boots or Australian made boots, it’s up to you – as long as they look good with your shirt, jacket, and jeans.

Bottom Line

While your clothes will go a long way to transform you into an alpha male – there’s much more to it than that. Having the right clothes won’t help you in certain situations where you need to show your attitude. Getting the attitude may seem unimportant to you, but that’s actually half the battle. Knowing how to react to each situation is what differs a rugged gentleman from a hillbilly – so you’ll want to practice your behavior and manners.

The age of hipsters is slowly coming to an end and those of us who make the change earlier will have a significant head start. Grow your hair and beard and go shopping – and in a few years, the clothes you buy now will look just right.

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