Makeup Ideas for Weekend Night Party

Christmas is just around the corner and, ladies, you must be taking a proper care of your skin regime. However, makeup is always there to your aid and reflects a more defined look to your facial features; we recommend your skin glow with all the dose of richness. As the coming days would be all about partying and meet-ups, we recommend some instant makeup ideas for the weekend night party that makes sure to fume the minds of many. Let’s get started:

1. Get a Gleaming Look:

This is the best look to your rescue. After cleaning up your skin nicely, apply a primer and foundation that has gleamy particles in it. This will make your base tone quite prominent. However, illuminator also plays a brilliant role no matter what makeup you choose on the base. You can always highlight your nose or cheek bones with a dash of illuminator and add an edge to your look.

Apply makeup foundation

2. Be a Glitterati:

If you have not lived under the rock you may have known the power of glitters is just inevitable. You may use a glitter effect on your normal smoky eyes. Glitter lips are all the rage as well where you can apply glitter on your lips after the final base of a red lip colour. Weekend night party where you want to pull up an offbeat look, the glitter will surprise you.

apply glitter on lips

3. Smoke Out Your Eyes:

The major drama is with the eyes. To add the fire play with smoky eyes, a wingy eyeliner and smudging the kohl of your choice will let you go gothic. You can play nude with the lips and accentuate your lips like a boss. You can also buy cosmetics for less price for turning up smokey eyes look.

smokey eyes

4. Nude Gloss Always Stays In:

If you know the robust act of nude, you are a star. It doesn’t matter how playful you are with your makeup skills, the right element of nude is a must. Makeup can break and make your look and nude base and lips accounts to making it brilliantly. Add a nude shine to your lips by double applying a nude gloss and shine immaculately. Here you can do all the drama with your cheeks and eyes by going bit subtle with lips.

5. Gothic Lips We Swear By:

Girls will be girls!!! After all, the trend that hits the chart is sincerely experienced by the ladies. One such trend that is super in and adds a contrasting look is gothic lips. Trying dark deep shades on lips like black, wine and deep violet is making girls going crazy. Many red carpet appearances don’t fail to impress with these dark lips. A matte texture adds the flames. So, for a change you can definitely try gothic lips for a weekend night party. Make sure you try brands that feature a range of these particular kinds of lips.


If you have any questions, please ask below!