Looking Professional When It’s Freezing Outside

Winter is no joke. If you live and work in an area where winters can mean a week of -25C temperatures, you’ll know how difficult it is to dress in a way that is professional enough to wear at work but will keep you from turning into an icicle on the way there. The constant movement between heated spaces and the harsh outdoor conditions is difficult to dress for, especially if your dream wardrobe essential is a heated robe and thick ski socks.


Thankfully, there is a way to dress for both warmth and that important presentation at the office. No compromises needed! Here are some of the essentials that you will need:

  1. Wear thermal layers

If you are extremely cold at work but do not have the freedom to wear thick, chunky sweaters, stock up on thermal base layers. You might find these at ski apparel shops or athletic stores- merino wool is your best bet in terms of fabric. Layer these pieces, both tops and bottoms, under your shirts and pants for warmth that no one has to know about, but you will feel immediately. If you get warm, just take off your outer layer like your blazer or cardigan, giving you some flexibility and a sleeker look.

  1. Shop “Technical Business Wear”

Some clothing brands specialize in designing products that are extremely versatile and easily transition from shoveling the driveway to important meeting downtown. The fabric and specific design ensure that there is no compromise- just comfort and style. Snowed in and have no way to get out to the store that stock these brands? You can even shop online among the selection of Arc’teryx Veillance products & accessories for men, or many other stores for ladies’ apparel. No need to even leave your home.

  1. Keep Shoes at the Office

No office shoes stand up against a foot of snow. So unless you are planning on soaking and then freezing your feet and then thawing them at home, don’t even consider stepping out in your stilettos or dress shoes. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear your winter boots into the office and switch into your “indoor shoes” once you arrive. If you tend to wear the same pairs over and over again, it might even be worth leaving them in a desk drawer overnight instead of bringing them in every day. If you’re a lady, a pair of nude stockings could also be a good thing to have in the back of a drawer somewhere to switch into once you take your boots and thick socks off.

  1. Invest in Outerwear

The truth is, if you have a very good winter coat and boots, you should be able to wear minimal clothing underneath and still feel toasty warm. So if you are freezing at the bus stop but fine once you get to work, it might just be that your coat isn’t made for the weather you are exposing it to. A good quality coat and winter boots are a big investment; however, they will provide you with a pleasurable winter experience for years!

Keeping up your professional look when it’s seriously cold outside isn’t easy, but with a few staples, it can be. All you need are some good thermal layers, some staple technical pieces, and appropriately rated outerwear and you’re set to conquer the weather and your career! Soon you’ll be laughing at your colleagues shivering under their desk blankets and sneaking in those banned space heaters. They’ll want to know your secret- and now you’re the most popular person at the office!

If you have any questions, please ask below!