Keep Your Staff Looking Professional with Matching Clothing


Opening a restaurant is a challenging time for any business owner. The list of things to do before an opening is always long and varied, and even if you think you have everything covered, chances are you will forget something come opening night. One of the seemingly small things that can get overlooked is the apparel of the back of the house staff. While the front of the house staff and wait staff will be matching take some time to make sure you back of house staff does the same.

When picking outfits for your back of house staff the main thing you will want to consider is utility. For cooks and busboys, a uniform doesn't have to look nice as much as it has to have functionality. So a good pair of work pants and a utility shirt should be the official uniform for work. It is important that the uniform be clean before the start of the shift, so you may recommend that your staff buy multiple outfits, or provide multiple pairs for your staff when they are hired.

While cooks and busboys need functionality over anything else, if you have a head chef, you may want him to be more presentable, especially if he will be interacting with the customers. If your chef doesn't have his own outfit, work with him to find a uniform that you both agree upon. A store like Restaurant Discount Warehouse divides chef's wear into four categories, chef pants, coats, shirts and hats. In many instances, your chef will be the representation of your restaurant, a living embodiment of your menu, a presentable outfit will help him look the part as well.

You need to be selective in your professional clothing as well. If you hold a position of authority and leadership, your image should support your ability, knowledge and experience. It is useless years of study and preparation but the project yourself. Your image should make the easy way out and not become an obstacle. Recognize the shape of your body is crucial to project an image of high level. Only in this way you will know what clothes suit you cut. For example, a two-button suit looks better in a slim-waisted and short man, while one of three buttons will be better for a man of short stature. A dress shirt Italian collar does better to a man with a long face. A diagonal striped tie helps widen the torso of a thin man. A narrow tie knot will look better in a round-faced man. Pants with Valencia will be recommended for a tall man.

Wardrobe, especially for the back of house staff, may be overlooked. Make a note to address it before you open your restaurant and you'll be receiving compliments on more than the menu

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