Indian Fashion and Bollywood Salwar Suits

Salwar suits are beautifully designed outfits that accentuate the body in an elegant manner. Over the years, the popularity of the suits has spread beyond India. The suits are a favourite option among Bollywood costume designers. The graceful nature of this type of Indian fashion has made it popular among women of different cultures and nationalities.

Bollywood salwar suits

Salwar Suit Features

  • Everyone can appreciate the style and aesthetic appeal of the salwar suit that flatters all shapes and sizes. A conventional salwar suit refers to the pant suit that features pants, which are commonly referred to as the salwar.
  • The salwar usually fits loosely with an elastic string at the waist for adjustment. The tunic, shirt or top that is worn with the pants is known as the khameez. The scarf that is typically used to accessorize the pants suit is traditionally known as dupatta.
  • Along with the usual features of a salwar suit, there are other variations but the outfit has a distinct style. The three pieces are combined to create the well known attire with the pants being drawn at the waist using the drawstring or elastic string for a snug fit.
  • The pants usually taper at the ankles and the most common length for the tunic is knee-length. Many people opt to wear their salwar with a scarf for additional elegance. There are no restrictions regarding how you can wear your dupatta. Some women drape their scarves around their heads while others choose to place them around their necks and shoulders.


  • Salwar suits have experienced various transformations since they were first introduced to Indian society. The designs of Bollywood salwar suits are inspired by the fashion trends that are showcased in the film industry.
  • Different fabrics can be used to make the salwar suits as well as designs and cuts.
  • The length of the shirts ranges from short to knee length and those that go past the knees. Some tops have seams at the side for additional comfort and to ease movement. They can be cut straight A-line or in a flowing design that looks like a dress.
  • Contemporary tunic designs vary and the skill of the designer is used to create various necklines and adornments. The top may have a plunging neckline, a high collar, sleeves or no sleeves. The designs include heavy embroidery, which is preferred for formal occasions.


Salwar suits are popular because they are comfortable and stylish. They are also ideal for different seasons with the variations in fabrics and designs. The graceful pants outfit can be worn to a wedding, party, dinner and even within the working environment.

Salwar suits are one of the alternative outfits that can be worn apart from the saree. The saree continues to be the most popular traditional Indian dressing style for women but other alternatives such as salwar suits are easier to move around in. The salwar suit offers comfort, grace and style for virtually any event or weather condition. It can be worn in a variety of ways to suit different tastes and preferences.

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