How To Take Care Of Your Gemstone Jewelry?

Beautiful additions to jewelry, gemstones are ancient colorful treasures. They fascinate us with their varied colors, shape, and brilliance. The beauty of the gem is such that it adds persona to the jewelry piece. And like any other beautiful creation, a gemstone also needs maintenance. To cherish their sparkle for a long time, you need to handle them with care. And taking proper care of your gem-studded jewelry is easy. In this blog, I have shared some tips with you on how to care for your gemstone larimar jewelry.

It is essential that you take off your jewelry while doing strenuous activities like exercise and cleaning. This saves the gemstone from any accidental hits. Gemstone jewelry needs to be saved from scratches.

    1. Avoid wearing jewelry while swimming. Chlorine in the pool water attacks the alloys in gold and silver. If done frequently, this can weaken your jewelry. Save your jewelry from the hot tubs too.
    2. To clean gemstone jewelry, you need mild soap, water to rinse, and a soft bristle brush. Pat-dry the jewelry with a soft cloth. But when you are dealing with porous stones like pearls and turquoise, you can use a soft, damp cloth to clean them. Avoid using any detergents, liquids, or ultrasonic cleaners.
    3. You need to be very mindful while keeping your jewelry after use. Placing your jewelry in a drawer or anywhere without a case or jewelry pouch is not suitable for the gem as this way, it is prone to get scratches. Keep your jewelry safe in a cloth-lined jewelry box that gives the accessory the necessary protection.
    4. Perfumes and lotions can be harmful to your gemstones. Avoid using these directly on your jewelry. Harsh chemicals in cleaners can also damage gemstone jewelry, so you need to take care of that.
    5. Make sure the prongs tightly hold the gemstones. If you wear your jewelry every day, you need to check that the gems don’t get loose on their positions. You can get your jewelry checked from time to time by a professional jeweler for damaged prongs.
    6. Keep the jewelry away from excessive heat and sunlight. Being too long under sun can impact the stone’s color and durability. Heat is not good for their natural moisture. Sudden temperature changes can also cause a fracture in some gems.
    7. Store gemstone jewelry separately in a jewelry box. Because the hardness of the gemstones differs a lot, the most rigid gems like diamonds or any other with the higher hardness can scratch a gem with lower hardness; it is advised that you store them separately. You can store them in separate compartments of a jewelry box or different pouches. It is best that you keep gemstone jewelry in a cloth-lined jewelry box as some gemstones like pearls and opals draw moisture from the air.
    8. Check the clasps and the fasteners too. If they are not in proper condition, then you risk losing your jewelry piece. You can get your jewelry checked at a jeweler for any repairs or adjustments.


Gemstones might have taken years to form; still, they are sensitive and need care. If you take care of all the above factors, you can enjoy wearing your jewelry for a longer time with its everlasting shine.

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