How to Select the Right Watch to Wear

A man’s options to wear a quality watch are basically infinite. You can wear as you deem depending on your taste and budget. However, picking the right watch from the best online watch store can be overwhelming for a man who does not know much about timepieces. Selection of a wristwatch also depend on your lifestyle and choice of attire as well as functions and style of a watch.

Any person can buy luxury watches of the same or different brands and call himself a watch enthusiast. But these timepieces will be invaluable to him if he doesn’t know how to wear a watch. The art of wearing a watch and good look depends on when and how you are wearing it.

For a watch fanatic, it is important to know how to select the right watch and how to wear it. In case you are new into watches, we have written guidelines that will help you.

1) Watch Types

First things first, once you are up for shopping, you have to make your mind about the watch type. There are two major watch types: digital and analogue, and you have to pick one. In case you don’t know the difference or want to know the basics, here is a short preview.

  • Digital Watches

As the name represents, these are modern design watches with an LED face or display that tells the time in numeric form. These are typically fitness/sports type watches with plastic or rubber straps and goes well with athletic wear. A digital watch fits well with athletic clothing and you don’t have to worry much about the design. However, you must not wear a digital watch with anything dressier as these timepieces don’t go well with professional attire.

  • Analogue Watches

The second major type and the major watch type is an analogue watch. These are often considered as classic timepieces, as they represent the centuries-old watchmaking craftsmanship. Analogue watches have two hands: minute and hour, and a face with either numbers or marks to show a 12-hour cycle. These are formal watches, more suitable for formal and business meetings and offer a professional appearance.

2) Watch Movement

Once you have made your mind about the watch type, the next matter on hands is to pick the right watch movement. There are mainly three watch movements that are in trend right now: Quartz, Mechanical and Automatic. Each movement represents a unique mechanism inside a watch that keeps it running.

3) Matching the Formality

After selecting the right watch type and movement, you will have to consider the formality. Keep in mind your wardrobe, the formality of your attire and when you are planning to wear your new watch. This will clear your mind and help you pick a watch more suitable to the occasions or events.

4) Matching the Dress Code

There are a number of ways in which you can divide a wardrobe. However, when it comes to watches, we recommend you to stick with the basics. In everyday life, a person is either wearing a formal attire or a casual dress. Here’s what you need to know in order to match your watch with your dress code.

  • Business Dressing

In case you are buying a watch to wear with business dresses, we recommend you to go with a simple design. A classic silver or gold timepiece with a slim dial is an ideal choice for business wear. It also fits well with a dark conservative suit if you know how to match your watch with other accessories.

  • Casual Dressing

Any watch will serve the purpose when you are wearing casual clothes, except a dress watch. Here, we are talking about tees, jeans, chambray button-downs and polo shirts. That’s because you’ll need a timepiece that can take a beating when you are engaged in physical activities. Sports watches are perfect if you are looking for a watch to wear during outdoor activities.

  • Sharp Casual Dressing

This is a dress code which falls in between a casual dress and a business attire. We are talking about sport coats (no tie), dark denim khakis and leather shoes. This is a dress type that most people wear on dates or to a casual workplace. For such a dress, watches with complications and large faces are more appropriates.

  • Level of Dress Code

This is another aspect that you must know about if you are looking for a formal dress code watch. You must know which watch type is the best for a certain dress code or dressing level. Another thing to consider here is your tie colour i.e. white or black.

Normally, it is against the dress code to wear a timepiece with a black tie. Even if you wear one, you should not check the time on it publically. You are supposed to lose yourself in the occasion once you are at a formal event. Nevertheless, these days almost everyone wears a watch, even on formal events.

So, if you are looking for one, go with a simple, classic timepiece with black leather strips and minimally embellished face.

5) Watch Straps

When it comes to picking the right watch strap, you can narrow down the search in terms of the material. There are two main option to choose from, a leather band or a metal band.

  • Leather Bands

Leather bands are the more formal ones and come in two colours: brown and black. Among these two, brown leather straps are less formal than black leather straps. On the contrary, you can pair the worn-in, rugged or rough leather straps with casual dressing, such as jeans.

  • Metal Bands

Unlike leather straps, metal bands are not suitable for formal events. However, you can wear them to complement your attire on dressy occasions.

Last Words

Buying a watch seems like an easy task but if you are doing it, do it the right way. Take interest and think through before you go online or to a retailer for shopping a watch. Make your mind about when and how you will be wearing this timepiece and pick accordingly. It is always better to have more than two watches in your collection and one for each type of occasion.

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