How To Select The Best Designer Clothes For Any Occasion

fashionEvery well-dressed individual knows that many a time, occasions define choices. Obviously, the clothes that you wear to a formal, office party will not be the same as the clothes you choose to wear for a social evening. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes to buying and wearing designer clothes for different occasions.

Buying the best clothes

With the advent of e-shopping, the online world is the best possible ‘shopping store’ that you can visit. Going online to sites like stylewe will help in:

  • Looking at different options of the same pant – color, materials, prices and so on.
  • Getting a better idea with images of the products.
  • Buying the right accessories for your choices as well.


The season will decide quite a few of the following aspects:

  • Fabric or the material of the dress.
  • Cut and embellishments.

For instance, if it is a day-time, winter wedding, then you can opt for warmer fabric and a long dress as well. An evening or night wedding is perfect to choose beaded accessories or even add a bit of sparkle to your clothes as well. Colors are a tricky issue but the simple rule of thumb should be that you cannot outshine the bride! For instance, a pastel pink is great but a loud, hot pink is not.

For work

The easiest guide would be the dress code that is laid down at your workplace. Perfect choices for such formal, office wear are:

  • Well-tailored blouses and shirts.
  • Understated colors – black, white, beige.
  • Low-heeled footwear.
  • Minimal jewelry and accessories.

A social evening or event

Here – the venue should determine your choices. Social events can take place at discotheques, operas, theaters and even a picnic. You can mix up your attire with contemporary looking accessories and experiment with different kind of culottes and skirts too.

What should you choose?

This is a question that is answered best by your own self. What are you most comfortable in? Skirts, pants, ethnic wear, shirts, tops, blouses and so on. You could also follow fashion trends and look very stylish. For instance, today, culottes have made a roaring comeback and you can adopt this rather versatile garment for virtually any occasion.

How to wear culottes

Two of the most important things to keep in mind here are the fabric and color. For instance, black culottes made in silk can be great for an evening out but if you want to wear it for work, choose cotton. Again, your tops can make or break your culottes. Simple rule is to choose well-fitted tops. Stick with simple lines because culottes are a baggy outfit. If you make your top loose and flowy then the effect will be too much fabric!

There are plenty of choices out there when it comes to prints and colors. Muted shades and patterns work great for day wear, office wear and formal wear. Bright colors and bold patterns are wonderful for evenings. Dress yourself up completely and take a critical look in the mirror and you will have a perfect you for any occasion.


If you have any questions, please ask below!