How to Remain Trendy & Stylish as You Age – A Guide for Women

Maintaining a youthful appearance is important as we age, whether it’s in fashion, mind, or trends that we follow. Sadly, some things simply aren’t meant for older individuals, no matter how much we want to believe the ‘flaunt it if you got it’ statement. For example, it’s fun to wear leopard print tights when you’re 21. Your sex appeal may very well turn heads and stir up whistles and stares. But, try wearing the same animal print tights when you’re an aging 55-year old and the reactions might not be quite so flattering. It’s perfectly fine to dress sexy at any age, but what is important is understanding what’s sexy at your age.

Sure, you probably feel great in the outfit you’ve chosen to wear, but impressions do matter and how others perceive you in outfits or patterns and styles intended for a younger audience is likely not one that you’ll proudly carry with you. Although you might feel that you portray a different persona in your outfit, the opinions of others are hard to sway. That kickass outfit you rocked at a young age may very well look trashy when you’re older. As you age, toning down and shying away from the girly hairstyles and fashions is important, even when you feel younger than you actually are.

Define Your Style

Subtle, stylish, well-defined looks work better for an aging woman who wishes to maintain her great looks and style without causing whispers amongst the crowds. Less is more when an aging woman desires to maintain her style, says Oprah, and most women with an opinion tend to agree. There are many ways to dress your age without feeling ‘old.’ Discover your personality and understand the type of woman you want to project to the world when defining you well-defined, more age-appropriate wardrobe.

Fashion isn’t a Competition

It is also important that you stop competing with and comparing yourself to other women, particularly younger women. It is important to love yourself and embrace your age and every flaw that you might see when you look in the mirror. It’s all a part of your character and helps define your individuality and your beauty. It’s also easier to dress in styles that are flattering to your unique personality, shape, and standards rather than those of another person; you’ll just feel at ease and more comfortable.

Helpful Fashion Tips

A few additional tips that ease the stress of dressing your age without losing your awesome style:

  • Stop choosing your outfits by size and choose them by fit instead. While that size 8 skirt may have an impeccable fit, those size 8 jeans may show a little more than what you want to show the world. We often forget that our bodies change shape when we age and adapting to those changes means that you stop paying so much attention to the size of the garment and more on the way that it looks on you.
  • Every outfit that you choose should make you feel like the beautiful, bold, strong queen that you are. If it doesn’t make you feel such emotion, or if you feel uncomfortable, it just isn’t the right look for you.
  • Heed the advice of friends and family. Maybe they aren’t ‘hating on your look’ after all, but instead are only offering their genuine advice out of concern and love. Although it is important that you’re dressing in a look that you like and that makes you comfortable, it’s also important to at least take into consideration how you’ll be perceived by other people.
  • Don’t focus so much on trends. Sure, choosing fashionable clothing is important, but it isn’t necessary to adapt all of the trends if they’re just not ‘you.’

Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

Getting older is simply a part of life. Although acting your age is never necessary, it is important that you learn how to adapt your style and learn the appropriate ways to rock the looks and styles that match your age. Rather than wear those leopard tights, switch for a small leopard print bag instead. There are many ways to embrace your age and rock your style!

If you have any questions, please ask below!