How to Find the Perfect Plus Size Special Occasion Dress

Looking for the perfect dress can be a very daunting task, mostly because almost everyone has a not-so-perfect body. Some lack the height. Some lack the roundness in some body parts. Some are just a tad bit on the heavy side.

The key to finding the perfect dress is to find one that is perfect for YOUR body. What may look great on someone will not necessarily look good on you. The reverse is also true – just because a dress does not fit someone well, does not mean it will not look fabulous on you.

If you are one of those on the heavier side, these tips might just help you find the perfect plus size special occasion dress that you are looking for.

Decide on the aspect you want to prioritize

There are plenty of styles that you can choose from. Several brands and dress shops now offer plus sized clothes. However, you might want to start by choosing which aspect you want to prioritize. For example, would you choose comfort above everything else or are you willing to sacrifice a few comforts for accentuating a more flattering part of your body such as your long legs or the flawless skin on your back? Are you going for attention-grabbing colors or are you okay with just blending in with some subtler hues?

Once you have decided on this, then the other things can fall into place and it would be much easier for you to pick out the right style.

Be familiar with the visual tricks

There are certain accents, designs, cuts, or accessories that can look more flattering for your body type. For example, vertical line patterns help draw people’s gaze vertically up and down the body instead of horizontally. Similarly, V-necks also draw the eyes downward creating a slimming effect.

If the middle part is a problem area for you, you can look for special occasion dresses that utilize techniques to skim over the tummy or accentuate the area just above or below it instead of on the tummy itself. For example, empire waistlines create the illusion of a high waist and a taller height by shifting focus on the chest area and the length of the legs.

Some dresses use side rucking or even some draping to hide and minimize the size of the tummy region for the same slimming result. Others use laces or netting to make the tummy region disappear without even covering it.

On the other hand, you can divert attention to other body parts by choosing dresses that showcase special cuts. For example, high slits can emphasize long legs. Off-shoulders highlight the neck, shoulder, and chest area. Large backless regions accentuate a beautiful tattoo or the bare flawless skin on the back.

Even pieces of jewelry like necklaces and earrings can be used to emphasize vertical length because the eyes naturally tend to follow them from where they hang until their full length.

Be confident

There is no formal restrictions or rules when it comes to plus size dresses, so don’t make any for yourself. If you do not want to be restricted by any so-called plus-size styles like the ones discussed above, feel free to wear any style, color, and cut you want. You can even ignore any and all plus size dressing tips altogether. Any dress paired with complete confidence will make you look good any time.

Shop online

It is both tiring and disheartening at the same time to go through several dress shops on foot and not find a single one you like. So, skip all that by doing your dress hunting online or at least doing some online window shopping before going to any physical shop.

Not only does online shopping provide you with more options to choose from, but it also makes shopping so much more convenient. Browsing through several options will only take you a few seconds instead of hours. Plus, you don’t have to walk to each and every store, explain what you need, and sometimes even get judged by other people as they see you trying on several dresses.

All you need to do is go through online catalogs, choose the one you fancy, pay, and then wait for your dream dress to come and be delivered to you. You just have to be patient though because some items bought online may have substantial waiting periods.

If you have any questions, please ask below!