How to Choose the Right Boot for Your Body Type

Boots are women’s best friend. Every woman likes to sport a stylish pair of boots now and then. They can add some much-needed spice to any outfit and make it stand out as the best. Who wouldn’t want that? The popularity of women’s boot has made them travel from trendy showstoppers to bare essentials. And they are here to stay.


Boots make trendy style statements and can be worn with any outfit. However, with the increasing varieties of boots in the market, it has become quite confusing to spot the right pair ofwomens bootsthat suit you the best. And we have come to the rescue. In this article, we will discuss a few boot types and the body types they gel well with. We recommend you to go through each of these to locate the right pair for you. You won’t regret it. So let’s head into it already.

  1. Ankle length boots

Ankle length boots are for the practical women who love a hint of trendiness. Ankle length boots suit all body types. Even if you are short, tall, curvy or thin, ankle length boots will always suit you with whichever outfit you wear. So whatever your body type is, ankle length boots will gel absolutely well. They will give you that perfect trendy chic kind of look regardless of your body type.

  1. Knee length boots

A pear shaped body type goes best with the knee length boot. Knee length boots will help your legs look slimmer and more slender. Knee length boots will give you the perfect looking legs you have always yearned for. Paired with a skirt or tucked in jeans, knee length boots can usher in the trendy look that you always wanted. And do not forget to wear it with confidence.

  1. Calf length boots

Calf length boots suit rectangular body types well. A wide calf length boot will give some breathing space to your calves while making it look curvy. A sleek calf-length boot will accentuate your curvy calf perfectly. If you are short, then calf length boots will give you the extra height that you have always longed for. We recommend you to wear calf-length boots with heels. This adds a feminine touch to your look while adding a couple of inches to your height. If slender is what you are aiming for, a sleek boot will suit you the best.

  1. Over the Knee Boots

If you are tall and thin, then over the knee boots will be your best friends for life because these boots were practically made for you. They accentuate the tall and thin body type perfectly. However, if you are short or on the curvy side, then you must avoid over the knee boots because they will only make you look shorter or chubbier. They would also make your legs look thicker or pudgier, which you do not want. Therefore, in case you are a little on the heavy side, you might want to avoid those. Even with heels they might make your legs look bigger.

That being said, you must wear your boots with confidence and style. And be sure to pair those with the right clothes. The right boots with the appropriate outfit will enhance your look by quite a few degrees.

That being said, sometimes you might want a couple of bespoke handcrafted boots to adorn your closet since they remove the risk of having to choose from among whatever the shoe store has to offer.

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