Headband Types and Trends

boy-with-headbandSomewhere in my parents’ attic, there is a school picture of fifth grade me rocking a totally rad, red plaid headband, with my hair pushed back to the middle of my head and my forehead and braces gleaming in the sun. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reason why I avoided headbands for so long. We all have some fashion disasters buried away in the past somewhere (platform sneakers, really?) but that doesn’t mean this style isn’t worth reconsidering and reinventing once your taste has matured a little bit.

As averse as I was to this tried-and-true accessory, headbands this season are just too adorable to pass up, so I thought I’d share some tips on how to wear them.

1. Flower crowns

Who doesn’t want to look like a beautiful forest princess? Flower crowns have an elaborate, yet natural look to them that stands out without looking silly. Keep up this hippie-chick, bohemian vibe with long, wavy hair and a flowy maxi dress, and you'll be turning heads whether you're at Coachella or Sunday brunch.

2. Chunky headbands

I’m obsessed with chunky headbands, and my personal favorite is the turban twist. This is a perfect look for those lazy days when you don’t even want to think about plugging-in your straightener, or you want to wear a high bun. Get in touch with your hipster side and style it with some cute cut-off denim shorts, a floral print bustier and an oversized knit jacket. A pair of brown oxfords with colorful satin shoelaces completes the look.headbands

3. Layered headbands

Who said you have to wear just one? Those thin, braided headbands are perfect for layering and add an especially attractive hint of texture to big hair. However, it can also be fun to mix and match beaded headbands and headbands with gold or silver accents. Keep it simple with straight hair or a polished updo, and pair with the classic jeans, T-shirt, blazer look.

4. Cloth headbands

Give your look a retro flair by tying a colorful piece of fabric across your head for an eye-catching DIY look. These pieces look great with a bun or ponytail and are super easy to personalize and style your own way. Go for a polished, preppy look with a polo shirt, jean jacket and a pair of crisp chino shorts.

5. Chain headband

This exotic accessory is bound to make a statement, so keep the rest of your look fairly neutral with a black summer dress, comfy cardigan and flattering waist belt.

Throw away everything you thought you knew about headbands, because this season’s trends are transforming this look in a whole new way. Although you can always recover from your childhood fashion crimes by rocking a traditional preppy look, don't miss out on some of the newest styles that you’ll see all over the fashion world in the near future.

If you have any questions, please ask below!