Fashion trends for spring / summer 2016 you must follow

fashion_trendsFashion trends for spring / summer 2016 you should go. Is it possible to buy the new fashion trends for spring / summer 2016 now? The answer is definitely yes, but to do so must carefully select what clothing and accessories that best reflect upcoming trends are. Then we will see what are the most important trends for next season are. It can be said that Canada’s fashion trends follow the same the rest of the world, with some differences. They tend to be a more basic people who opt almost always a basic shirt and jeans, plus coats of all kinds to face the cold. To stay in fashion in Canada, it is worth investing in differentiated jeans, with models and different washes in plaid shirts of various types, which fit like a glove in the full scenario of cities leaves as Ontario, for example. Also, take in your suitcase boots of various kinds, from the most fashion, such as going to the knees, like galoshes, made to face the snow days and rainy.

One of the trends we have seen on the catwalks more is stamping Check. The check is the same as the check pattern, although this print is related to the winter, especially for the use of tartan, for spring / summer 2016 sweeps. Of course, we do not refer only to print plaid, but any type of print paintings, from classic to modern. The color silver has been a fashion trend this winter 2016, but also in the spring season. In short, it seems that we like shine, but the trends show us that must be silver futuristic clothes and dazzling appearance. Among the highlights of the new season, we highlight a beautiful style bomber jacket from a well brand. You will find all latest collections in this Canadian shopping mall.

Surely you know that the pants are overall trend. If you do not have any model in your wardrobe it’s time you buy one. For spring / summer 2016 there are plenty of models to choose from, both low cost firms as luxury. As for the accessories that triumph next season, he is the handkerchief. Opting for a handkerchief bandana style, which brought in 90? That should combine and bring in an original way: a bracelet, of belt, hair … in the spring can still cool, so fashion brands also think of a sweater trend. If you want to be the hippest place, opt for a particularly simple sweater and clean cut, with long sleeves and round neck and straight. It can be smooth or discrete embossing, such as stripes. As for the jeans back the skinny style opting for a model adjusted and broken.

This type of jeans can combine the above with many parts

Like every spring, the flowers come back and this time the floral prints come to dominate our wardrobes. Or at least it should be. Dresses, blouses, jackets bomber, skirts, shirts … beautiful dress with flower prints. Among the new fashion trends for spring / summer 2016 we highlight the 70s style, but with mod touches. To achieve this you need straight and long pants to the ankle. This type of pants has swept the runways. If you are one of those who prefer to wear a skirt and go to fashion, you cannot help but buy a pleated skirt and pastel color. Opt for a model in rose quartz or blue serenity, fashionable colors. Last but not least, we highlight the return of the tweed jackets. Thanks to Chanel again become trend. Choose short and fresh and energetic colors like yellow and red models.

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