Fashion Faux Pas: The Fashion Statements You Don’t Want to Make

fashionNo one wants to be that person in the room who has obviously committed a major fashion no-no. Some of these may seem obvious, while others not as much. Hopefully this glimpse of the top women faux pas will make you take a deeper look into your wardrobe, and keep you from committing a public fashion blunder any time soon.

1. High Waters

This is often a fashion issue that is introduced early on in life, as young girls grow and their pants become to short. Some children never learn that too-short pants are a fashion blunder, and continue the trend into adulthood. To avoid high water pants, make sure every pair of pants you buy covers your tallest pair of heels.

2. Exposed Bra Strap

Wearing that little black dress may be sexy, but the beautiful look will be ruined if you let those bra straps show. Even if you think you've got it covered with clear straps, you're not fooling anyone. Clear, black, white, or color, any exposed bra strap ruins your look.

3. Visible Panty Line

This is one of those fashion blunders that are not acceptable in any circumstance. Panty lines are not cute and draw unwanted attention. Any clothing that even has a chance at showing a panty line, such as tight jeans or leggings, make sure you choose thongs or seamless underwear instead.

4. Wrong Colored Underwear

You may have already been well aware that panty lines are a no-no, but are you paying close attention to your underwear color as well? Especially when wearing white, it is important that you wear underwear that will not show through. Keep in mind that white underwear will still show through white pants. A suggestion might be to choose seamless flesh colored underwear instead.

5. Sandals with Socks

Men may be repeat offenders, but that doesn't mean you should commit the crime too. Sandals with socks may be a comfy alternative to those five-inch heels, but the minute you step into public you will be attracting attention, and I promise it's not the good kind.

6. Suits with Sneakers

It's understandable that a workingwoman wants to step out of those work shoes as soon as she has the chance, but make sure you are changing the rest of your outfit too. Walking around in your comfortable sneakers while still in your work suit is not fashionable and will result in funny looks, guaranteed.

7. Wrong Size of Clothing

Whether your clothes are too big or too small, clothing that doesn't fit is bound to take away from your look. Haven't gotten rid of that baby weight? Stop trying to squeeze into those jeans from college and buy yourself something that compliments your body.

8. Exposed Thong

Just like you don't want to see the plumber's crack as he's fixing your pipes, no one wants to see your thong hang low…chains are acceptable, though. Keep your thong covered by choosing pants with a higher waist, shirts that are longer or putting on a belt. Keep it classy.

9. Muffin Top

This is not only a women's fashion faux pas, but just a general rule of thumb for everyone out there. Muffin tops are created by pants that are too tight and shirts that just don't fit the body properly. Buying jeans that work for your body, as well as wearing longer shirts and layering can easily fix this problem instead of bringing attention to it.

10. Sunglasses that Don't Fit your Face

This may be a smaller faux pas that only the strictest fashion police would notice, but it is still one worth noting. Wearing sunglasses that make your skin bulge on the sides of your head because they're to small, or ones that fall down your nose every ten seconds because they are too big, is not attractive. Choose ones that fit your face frame and your peers will thank you.

This list is not the end, as there are many faux pas out there, varying from region to region. Pay close attention to what you are wearing before you walk out the door each day. If other people are giving your outfit strange looks no matter where you go, chances are you are committing a fashion felony.

Written by Elly Bethune, VP & Co-Founder of 9th&elm, independent fashion designer and supplier.

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