Dress Up for Your Wedding in Silver Jewellery

Silver is the colour of the Moon and so does a wedding. So let’s explore how dressing up in silver for a wedding looks like, feels like!

A wedding, from the time immemorial, is a treat combination of the sparkle of silver and the glitter of gold. Adding to it the various colour palettes, a wedding is a full-fledged play of metallic shimmers dancing atop the apparels and jewels dipped in the mushy lattices of colourful stones and beads.

In earlier days, let’s say in the days of kingdoms and palaces, a wedding used to be a grand affair, usually between two kingdoms.

In these early days, the theme of wedding costumes and jewellery was mostly decided based on the rituals, customs and status of the respective royal family. From red-green-golden to white-and-black, different regions used to have different themes for dresses and jewellery. However, with the expansion of fashion empires across the world, these days each wedding is unique in its own way. Many of these weddings feature exquisite designer costumes coming in a rich assortment of themes. One such contemporary dress theme is ‘silver’.

The shade of silver has a fantastic property of richly marrying the bright and rainbow palette of colours which might come in the form of beads and stones stitched to a dress or a piece of jewellery. Scintillating and soothing at the same time, silver offers an elegant tapestry for weaving some of the most intricate designs by jewel artists. Silver gives the look of glamorous and sophisticated at the same time. However, don’t take it for too mature a colour to dress up in. Silver, with its sparkles and glitter can be romantic and flirtatious too.

The moonbeam-like perkiness of silver is just enough to satisfy the essential lacklustre the look of a bride requires. So, if you have been thinking of dressing up in silver for a wedding, you might want to dive in some beautiful ideas related to it. Explore some of these ideas from the list down below and get inspired to create your own options.

  1. Introduce Pieces for Head & Hair

You might leave your hair open with curls swirling over your shoulder. Or you might get them tied into a bun, puff or maybe, a braid. And afterwards, in order to settle your hair in its place, you might use a bunch of sprays, hair glues and foam gels; probably. Either way you see, head and hair taken together is one of the basic and important parts of a bridal look. And so is the choice of accessory and jewels pertaining to it.

If you’re likely to choose a hairpiece in silver, you can go for crystal studded hair crowns, a bejewelled hair vine, fairytale style tiara or simply some beaded hair combs. If you’re dressing up in a traditional Indian bridal lehenga instead, try a silver maangtika in place of these headpieces.

  1. Marry Silver and Gold

In order to marry gold with silver for your wedding attire, bring a third participant to hold them together. Yes. Black is good. Even the colour cream does wonders with both silver and gold.

Another great idea to combine the metals is to use the priceless material of one and look of the other. For instance, instance of purchasing the gold and silver jewellery separately, you can look for a gold-plated sterling silver necklace set. Perhaps with the addition of kundan stones or beads. This way, you will be dressing up in silver while maintaining the sheen of gold as a bonus at the same time!

  1. The Golden Goodie, Pearls!

When the evening is all set with cocktails and snacks dotting above the silver lined tablecloths and fragrance of floral perfume all around, it’s now time to bring the golden goodie. This golden goodie is ‘pearls’. Yes!

Pearl is considered to be the queen of jewellery. However, when it comes to weddings, pearls are something very few people think about when they think about the bridal jewellery, even bridal clothes. But the design of pearls is something which can add a twist of softness and a touch of sophistication to the overall bridal look. Besides, it offers you an all new wedding theme to design, that is a combination of white and silver, maybe cream too. Simply gorgeous.

Combine them with tiny zircons if you want, the point is to explore the look of pearls alongside a bridal outfit. Whether it is in the form of earrings or maangtika or a bracelet maybe!

  1. Accessorize with Champagne Pearls

Quite often, the heavy rani-style necklaces are common among the bridal wear. These necklaces are usually consisting of colourful pearls or beads dangling down the hemlines of the neckpieces.

Carrying forward the look of these necklaces, this time go for a necklace with champagne pearls instead of the regular green or maroon ones. It is said that the colour champagne is the ‘silver with the appearance of gold’. True that. Champagne coloured pearls will go amazingly well with burnished silver jewellery as well as with the jewellery made in metals such as rose gold and platinum.

  1. Pay Attention to Foot Jewellery

Often times, we continue some rituals for generations without really delving deep into the significance and symbolism they carry. Same is the case with the wedding jewellery, especially foot jewellery.

Foot jewellery is another beautiful but often underestimated part of a bridal wear. However, you’d be fascinated to know that it holds interesting chunks of history behind it. Take some examples.

Did you know that in ancient days, a bride was made to wear payals in her feet so that she would enter her new home with a tinkle bell sound which is considered auspicious under many traditions? Or, did you know that wearing jewels in her feet on the wedding day was signified to protect the bride from surrounding negative energies? It was said that a piece of silver jewel in the bride’s foot bounces back any energy that might be leaking outside her majestic goddess aura. Interesting, right?

Well, these days foot jewellery comes in various forms and designs. From rhinestones to diamonds, from beads to trinkets and from chains and rings; to your surprise there is a vast variety of foot jewellery available in the market these days. You can choose from bridal style ghungroo anklets, foot bracelets, ankle chain sets and toe rings among others. Another great style to consider is ‘silver coin ankle chains’, which are not that popular but carry a majestic look otherwise.

  1. Wear a Palette of Sweet Flavours with Antique Silver Jewellery

Celebrate your D-day antique style!

The antique style wedding jewellery comprised of heavy intricacy and heavyweight metalwork alike in addition to tiny bedspreads of beads and stones encrusted within the jewel pieces. Lush bushels of ghungroos, elaborate artistry and bulk filigrees set in German silver or oxidised silver or sterling silver were some of the sights to behold, truly.

And don’t underestimate the importance of motifs. Those were the days of temple jewellery after all.

You will find motifs of deities along with various kinds of spiritual, tribal and folk symbols on jewellery items even nowadays. Apart from the traditional filigree and choker styles, you might also look for bohemian style necklaces, serpentine kadas, peacock earrings, paisley pendants, designer kangans and geometric medallions. Oh, and don’t forget a pair of silver jhumkas!

  1. Sterling Silver Body Jewellery

From a shoulder necklace to a nose ring to a belly button to leg chains, body jewellery is something which looks quite attractive when implemented in a proper way. There is both pierced as well as non-pierced type of jewellery to choose from.

If you’re planning to wear silver in an upcoming function or wedding, do explore some body jewellery too on the go. You might want to opt for a combination of gemstones, charms and beads along with silver.

Let’s say if you’re wearing mehendi on your arms and legs, do try the arm cuffs and toe rings with it. If you’re wearing a maangtika, try a pierced hoop style nose ring connected to it with the help of a thin silver chain. If your bridal gown or lehenga shows your waist, a rani style belly button embellished with an emerald or pink gemstone is a great idea. Ideas like these!

Summing Up

Silver jewellery is a cost effective and affordable alternative, not just for weddings but for various functions associated with it such as engagement, sangeet, cocktail, even baby shower. Besides, it is a priceless choice to make as compared to that of other expensive metals such as gold and platinum which although, are as great and graceful, but can’t be worn as often as silver. So, this time trade your doubt with the choice of wearing sparkling silver jewellery in your wedding or on a special occasion. You won’t regret, it’s a bet!

If you have any questions, please ask below!