Current Eyeglasses Trends

You've had a really long day and are looking forward to simply chilling out on your couch while mindlessly watching reality TV re-runs. But as you settle into your customary spot, you feel something poking your backside. Unfortunately, it's too late to do anything about it; your lower body is already fully committed to sitting. As you sink into the cushion you feel the object beneath you give, and hear a sickening little crunch. You quickly reach around and discover what you have destroyed - your eyeglasses.

Okay, that's a bit of a tough break. But before you get all teary and emotional, consider the silver lining - now you have the opportunity to try a completely different glasses look. The world of fashion eyeglasses has gotten pretty inventive and interesting lately. Out with the old and in with the new!

  • Nerdy Glasses

boy wearing nerdy glasses

Nerd glasses are basically the biggest thing in eyeglass frames right now for both men and women. It's ironic and a little amusing that a style which was once the object of severe criticism and a mark of social misfits, is now at the top of the fashion food chain.

Many celebrities have chosen to rock this style which has unsurprisingly boosted its popularity. Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Scarlett Johansson, Madonna, Demi Moore, and even Kanye West have all been photographed sporting thick, black nerd eyeglass frames.

Nerd glasses are even evolving to incorporate rich, earthy tones which provide a fun variation to the traditional chunky black frames. Regardless of the variation you choose, nerd eyeglasses frames are an easy way to get a drastically different look.

  • Colorful Glasses

colorful frame glasses

Monochrome and earth tones aren't for everyone of course. Some people prefer to add a little spice through incorporating splashes of fun color in their style. Colorful glasses frames are a great way to make a unique statement and catch everyone's eye. A major trend at the moment is translucent colors. Translucent color frames are really the best of both worlds - they give your look some pep, but aren't too overbearing. Try gorgeous translucent jewel tones like sapphire, ruby, emerald, and amethyst.

  • Retro Round


Johnny Depp is quite a fan of round glasses frames - do you really need to know anything more than that? Round eyeglass frames give you a casual and cool retro look, especially when paired with a keyhole nose bridge. Once reserved for pensive artists and iconoclasts, thick round glasses frames are now becoming a fashion statement for the masses.

  • Aviators


Aviator frames for both eyeglasses and sunglasses have been around for decades, but they are one fashion that remains fresh no matter how much time has passed. They are trendy in a classic way, which makes them the little black dress of eyewear. If you're a bit too timid to try a bold, new look like nerdy or round frames, aviators are a safe fashion bet.

  • Cat Eyes

cat eye glasses

This trend is primarily for the ladies and it is taking the world by storm. A few girls posted pictures of themselves on Facebook wearing cat eye frames, and the next thing we knew, everyone wanted that style. This look has also been highly favored by Hollywood starlets. Cat eye glasses frames are a cute take on vintage.

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Clearly, you have a variety of appealing options for replacing those old frames you obliterated. Maybe you should even buy a few extra pairs…just in case.

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