Cool & Cozy Summer Styling Tips for Men

men's summer styling

The change of season always brings new trends and fashions so if you want to look stylish then you should stay updated on the latest trends. Make sure that you choose the right outfits, footwear, and other styling tips so that you not only look fashionable but also stay comfortable throughout the hot season. The style of outfits along with the colors and type are important for ensuring that you have the perfect summer look. Men often stick to the traditionally limited options when it comes to styling but if you get creative there are a lot more options available.

Here are some styling tips for men to stay stylish and cool during the summer.

Hair Styling:

Summer is the time for short hair because you want to stay cool during the heat. There are a lot of summer styles that can help you achieve that. Haircuts such as the scissor or tapper fade, the buzz are traditional summer cuts.

If you are not sure about the best summer hairstyle then you can also trust the hair clippers of your barber as they are aware of the latest trends and the ones that may suit you the best. Hairstyles play an important role in making sure that you are comfortable so make the right choice.

Selecting the Right Accessories:

The summer fashion for men is not as versatile as the women’s so it can get a little boring. Women have a lot of choices such as skirts, dresses, heels etc. but men are limited to t-shirts and shorts. But just because there are limited choices it does not mean that they cannot look fashionable. You can make the men’s fashion creative and interesting by adding accessories such as hats, leather backpack, handkerchief etc. The accessories are the best way of making your outfit interesting.

Adding More Color:

Men usually stick to just a few colors. They wear different shades of blue but that does not mean you are changing the color. Summer is the season of bright and fresh colors so you should not be afraid to experiment with different colors. Wear light shades because they are most suitable for the hot and humid season.

Choosing the Right Cologne:

One cologne is not enough as the scent should be suitable according to the weather. The scent you use should change with the season. The warm weather is best for citrus scents just as the woodsy or spicy scents are more suited for the fall. The right scent can have a lot impact on your summer outlook.

Wearing Patterns:

While selecting the summer outfits you should also look for pattern dresses. The warm season offers excellent patterns such as cheetah, camo, tribal, gingham etc. experimenting with patterns is exciting and it can help in creating the creative look. There is always room for error when you are trying to combine a variety of patterns but you will eventually master the law of combining patterns. Start with solid colors and shades and then you can move to bolder choices and mix the variety of patterns.

Adding Lightweight Blazer:

You cannot wear heavyweight blazers in summer because they can be pretty heavy. It is better to invest in wool suits of varying weights so that they can be worn in different seasons. As the temperatures rise you can put away the heavy blazers and take out the lighter ones like those made up of seersucker, linen etc.

The Footwear Choice:

It is not possible to complete a look without pairing the right footwear with the outfit. The summer brings flip flops in fashion but you cannot wear flip flops everywhere. You can wear them while going to the beach or pool but you cannot wear them to work. There are other footwear options such as desert boots, low-top sneakers, boat shoe, leather sandals etc. that can be worn with summer outfits. Choosing the right footwear is important for staying comfortable because you do not want to have sweaty feet.

These are excellent styling tips for men to look good during summer.

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