Common Bag Styles for Men

When it comes to style, men have a lot of choices. Not only are there all kinds of casual and professional clothing options, but there are also a lot of accessories. For the businessman, having the right bag is a must for carrying important items to and from the office. What type of bag is best? That depends on the man and the type of work he is doing. Leather briefcases for men at the office are great, but a messenger bag might not pull off the same feel. Five common bag styles for men include the briefcase, messenger bag, carry-all, tote, and camera bag.


BriefcaseThe briefcase is quite likely the quintessential accessory for the businessman. Briefcases come in the traditional boxy shape, with rounded corners, leather exteriors, compartments, and buckles. A briefcase with locks on it is often referred to as an attaché while traditional briefcases may have simpler closing mechanisms. This type of bag is great for the formal businessman wearing a suit.

Messenger Bag

messenger-bags-for-menThe messenger bag has become increasingly popular lately. It is usually rectangular with a large flap over the opening. It can be made of leather or canvas, come with or without buckles, and is usually carried across the shoulder. While a leather bag can look great with business attire, messenger bags have an overall casual look to them. It might be better to wear it with casual clothes in a more casual setting.


Carry-allAlso known as a hold-all, a carry-all is great for trips that last one to three days. It resembles a duffel bag, but may be a little smaller and made mostly of leather. A carry-all retains the professional business look without the size or bulkiness of a full-size suitcase. It is great for casual or business-casual wear.


boy-wearing-toteAlthough a lot of people associate the term "tote bag" with grocery shopping and environmentally friendly bags these days, it can actually be a very practical way to carry around items while wearing business-casual attire. An all-leather tote especially breathes sophistication. For those who are looking for a classic look with a contemporary spin, a leather tote does wonders.

Camera Bag

Camera BagIt might sound like an item a tourist would use, and that's what it ultimately is. A camera bag is meant to be slung across the body, compact, and functional. They can be found in various sizes, and may even resemble a smaller messenger bag. They are often made of canvas, and thus are great for adding a little masculine feel for casual or leisure clothing. At the right size, they can hold quite a bit more than just a camera. In fact, these bags are great for carrying around small necessities while on vacation.


There is no shortage of stylish bags for men to choose to use in any social situation. For a more casual look, choose canvas bags or leather bags with a contemporary feel. If a formal business vibe is the goal, go more traditional with a leather briefcase. Each of the bags listed above are great for men in various types of settings. There may not be one type of bag that fits every occasion or situation, so it might be necessary to have more than one type available at home.

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