Choosing a Prom Dress and Lingerie to Fit Your Figure and Style

prom dressAre you preparing for your homecoming and you want to shine? The best way to achieve this is by wearing the short dress with simple, youthful lines in black or dark red color, and those more shimmery tones that will highlight the celebration of this important occasion, but what is also important is the choice of lingerie to suit the dress.

Despite new fashion trends which each year launch interesting creations, a short dress remains constant and eternal. What changes are only the shades of a specific color, as it is known that almost every season brings the latest trendy colors desirable to show in public.
Short dresses include several lengths such as ultra short, far above the knee for those braver and who are not afraid to show off their beautiful legs, to dresses whose length goes a little above the knee, and is therefore classified as a short dress.

Homecoming is an important event for any girl, and therefore it is not irrelevant to think about lingerie and evening gowns in which to shine. Long evening dresses are reserved for a bit older ladies, and cocktail dresses are for the younger generation.

A short or cocktail dress is perfect for homecoming, and it is only necessary to decide on the desired color and material. Best of all, you will be able to wear a certain dress later on for other various occasions.

If you decide to wear a short dress, make sure that you select suitable jewelry. Depending on how rich the dress is and if it already has a lot on accessories, according to that you will be guided when choosing a bracelet, necklace and earrings.

It is commonly thought that short dresses are reserved exclusively for the slimmer girls, but with the proper selection of the model that follows a specific body line, proper choice of lingerie like bustiers and various accessories, short dresses can look good on not so slim girls as well.

Biggest hit for well-proportioned girls are tight, short dresses with open cleavage that will emphasize their sex appeal. Fluttery dresses are designed for everyone, including girls whose body is not in the ideal proportions, and it’s similar to elegant wrap dresses. One shoulder dresses have been the most popular among women of all ages for several years. They are wearable in daily, casual combination, but also the perfect choice for a crazy night out or a homecoming. They can be in different colors-from neutral tones across to the ever eternal black to bold neon shades or in a combination of several colors. Make sure you match the bra color to the dress color to avoid the possibility of everyone seeing what kind of bra you’re wearing and make sure you match your underwear color to the bra color.

With short dresses, it is important to point out that one must not overdo with a combination of multiple colors on such a small piece of fabric because it can look trashy. Popular are striped dresses and always romantic bows of all shapes and sizes. Girls more prone to experimentation can choose asymmetric line dress in very vivid colors-red, orange or yellow. There are always omnipresent dresses with ruffles or sequins.

Spice up your evening look with a cute clutch that will be a perfect fit with your short homecoming dress. Make sure that the clutch fits with your shoes. If you want to play it safe, select a black dress with which you will never go wrong, and that is eternal.

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