7 Amazing Heels That Will Boost Up Your Personality

The way you dress tells a lot about your personality. It gifts you a confidence to achieve your aims and conquer the world. As Marilyn Monroe correctly pointed out, when you have the right pair of shoes, nobody can stop you from conquering the world.

There is a perfect match for each personality, for each type of dress and for each love for shoes, pamper yourself and buy the shoes that give you the look you have always wanted. Select the color and the heel type from the classic options available in the online market and just wait for happiness to be delivered to your doorstep.

Pick up your favorite from the designing mentioned below and style yourself in these amazingly gorgeous heels.

7 Amazing Heels That Will Boost Up Your Personality
1. Platform Heels

Derived from the french word ‘plateau’, platform heels have a thick sole and usually have a height of three to eight inches. Wear these shoes with minis and show off the shape of your calves. These shoes give a perfect definition to your feet. Pair it up with your party dress and get set to turn the heads towards you.

7 Amazing Heels That Will Boost Up Your Personality

  1. Stilettos

This is every girl’s dream. Long thin and high heels to make you stand out of the crowd. The height of such shoes ranges between 2 to 10 inches. Make your legs look long and raise your confidence higher with a pair of sexy stilettos. Buy a color that goes well with most of your dresses. Stilettos also look good with skinny denims and tank tops. Many girls also wear these shoes with traditional dresses to create a fusion wear.

  1. Cone heels

Think of an ice cream cone and you will understand the shape of these heels. The cool pattern is broad at the sole and gets narrower when it comes down. Add this stylish pair to your wardrobe and shine each day with a new look.

  1. Wedge heels

These heels look absolutely amazing if you can carry them well. These heels elevate itself from the front of the shoe to the back. Available in trending colors, wedge heels have now become every teenager’s favorite.

  1. Kitten heels

Looking for a perfect combination of comfort as well as style? Buy kitten heels right away. There are days when you have to work for long hours and also look good, maybe like having an office presentation or such work. Don’t stress your feet with high heels, wear these low heels and get set to conquer your event.

Boost Up Your Personality

  1. Block heels

When you wish to get the glamours height but also want to stay comfortable in the party, wear block heels. The block shaped rectangular heels gives support to the ankle and are better than stilettos when one talk about the arch of the foot. There is no dearth of designs for block heels ranging from straps at the ankle, lace ups, zip ups and more. Select perfect design and color to go with your mini, skirt or even denims.

  1. Spool Heels

These heels have an interesting curve in the height. They are broad from the sole and gets narrow in the middle and again broad downwards where it touches the ground. Pair these up with your formal trousers and add elegance to your office look.

When you choose a pair of shoes, make sure that you select what enhances your personality. It is important to select these glamorous beauties according to the occasion, dress and personality of an individual. Transform your look each day and leave people surprised showing them the different sides of your personality.


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