6 Ways to Mix and Match Outfits Using Fall Fashion Essentials

frfefwMixing, matching, and building looks from a few versatile pieces is the best thing to do to create a satisfying, enjoyable and cost-effective wardrobe. If you invest in quality pieces you love, then you will never suffer from that dreadful feeling of not having anything to wear, even when your closet is groaning under the weight of clothes.

Putting together different and stylish looks from a few basic pieces of clothing is not easy. You need to be creative and look at things from different perspectives. Just because an item is too baggy or too long, there is no need for you to disregard it. A belt or a classy jacket may be all that is needed to turn it into a great outfit.

Here are a few tips for you to ensure that you have a great and multitasking wardrobe, that makes you look great as well as give you the best value for money.

1) Know the Fashion Essentials

Each season has trendy fashion essentials that every girl craves to have in her closet. But these ‘happening’ dressing styles or items go out of fashion pretty soon, sometimes as early as the next season. So it is important that you invest in clothes and accessories that are elegant, stylish and trendy, but are also timeless at the same time.

This fall too there are several fashion essentials that you need to stock up on. Though summer might be the time to get your best fashionable foot forward, cooler autumn allows you to have fun layering and prepping for the holidays.

Smart blazers, trendy scarves, flared bottoms, booties, shift dresses and stripes are all here to stay. Vintage jeans, platform heels, statement sleeves, faux fur coats and plaid skirts are also fashion must-haves for Autumn ’17. The best part about these trending fashion essentials is that they are also timeless in their appeal and will go a long way in helping you build a versatile wardrobe.

Here are a few ways in which you can create cool outfits using a few fashion essentials.

2) Team Power Blazers with Virtually Anything

Sleek, contoured and strong-shouldered blazers are in this season. Over-sized menswear blazers were seen on Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent and Dries Von Noten runways.


You can team them with billowy dresses, leggings or skirts. Thigh-high boots and embellished booties all work well with a stylish blazer. Fly-away skirts, jeans and calf-length trousers also look good with blazers.

3) Knits Are in And Work Well to Create a Timeless Look

Long-sleeved knits look fabulous when paired with the season’s hottest trend – flared trousers.


Structured knitted tops also go well with pencil skirts as well as mid-length flouncy skirts. Striped knits are trending this season and they can very well go on to be the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. They can be dressed up with the right accessories like a pair of beautiful earrings and a dressy skirt, and also look great as day or office wear.

4) Wide or Corset Belts Help Style Looks

As mentioned earlier, a baggy dress or an oversized jacket can be given a whole new and different look with a stylish belt.

Corset belts or wide waist belts were seen in Isabel Marant, Michael Kors, Prada and Nina Ricci shows. They accentuate your waist and look great with maxi dresses, trench coats, high waist pants and shift dresses.

5) Think Chocolate

Chocolate brown has made a huge comeback with various hues of the rich color being seen on the runways. Chocolate brown and suede colored coats, skirts, dresses and accessories dominated Moschino, Balmain, Emilio Pucci and Max Mara collections.


Chocolate brown is highly versatile and this solid color can help anchor various looks. You can team up a brown skirt with a simple white tee, striped knit top or a dressy top. With the right accessories you can create umpteen options with the ‘in’ color of the season.

In addition to browns, a lot of red was also seen in Fall 2017 fashion shows. Fendi, Tod’s, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani and Giambattista showcased red boots, monochromatic jumpsuits, coats, trenches and dresses respectively. For those looking for versatility, red offers unlimited options. You can build entire looks around a pair of red boots or a red trench coat. Muted and pastel colors, as well as bright colors work well with red statement clothing items.

6) Scarves Save All Styles

Scarves are versatile, stylish, utilitarian and in vogue. Scarves come in all sizes, and can even double up as a blanket on long-distance flights. You can layer it around your neck for extra warmth or accentuate your favorite tote with it.

Scarves in bold and playful prints and colors can add depth to neutral outfits. They are highly versatile and a few trendy pieces will allow you to mix and match styles, and wear same outfits in different ways.


A versatile wardrobe is full of possibilities and opportunities. If you populate your closet with beautiful and timeless pieces, then you will never run out of ideas to get the best looks that suit any occasion. So invest in the fashion essentials of this season and build a versatile wardrobe that makes you happy.

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