5 Hot 2018 Winter Fashion Trends You Need to Try

Whether you like it or not, winter is slowly beginning to creep up. Out with the flip flops and short shorts, in with the boots and heavy overcoats. Kiss the beach goodbye, and welcome short days, dark nights, and plenty of days in on the couch watching Netflix. We’ll pause why you shed a few tears…

One of the most common questions that arise every fall is how to pull off a stylish look while still maintaining function and utility. After all, it’s quite difficult to look cute when you’re slogging through slush and snow in a huge pair of (ugly) rubber boots and a massive jacket keeping you from shivering uncontrollably. So, what exactly will be in style this winter, and furthermore what will keep you warm while still looking fashionable?

Statement coats in wild prints, 80s staples reinvented, leather finishes, retro touches and bedazzled accessories –winter 2018 is bringing an exciting batch of fashion trends. Best of all, many designers are ditching the muted, drab colors and bringing a little life into their designs to block out those winter blues. Fall has barely started, but we’re already on board with what the coldest season has to bring in terms of style. If you, like us, are already thinking of ways to give your winter wardrobe a makeover, then here are five hot trends that are totally rocking the runways at the moment.

  1. Wild Prints from Head to Toe

Be it leopard, cheetah or even tiger, the upcoming cold season is surely fierce to the max. This winter, embrace head-to-toe animal print designs like long coats, pantsuits or full-length jumpsuits in shades ranging from hot red to neutrals and rich browns. Add a pair of block ankle heeled boots in the mix, a chunky scarf and a statement piece of bling and you’re all set to make a ferocious fashion entrance. One word of advice, however. Be careful not to mix prints. Head-to-toe cheetah is one thing, but add some zebra print to that and you’ve got a clashing look that’s totally overkill.

  1. Pearl-Embellished Everything

When it comes to accessories, this year’s catwalks delivered in unison: pearl embellishments are the latest rage. Not only are the trendiest designers obsessed with bedazzling heels with radiant, lustrous pearls, but they are also making a pearly fashion statement when it comes to hats, headbands, bags and even make-up looks. If you too are in love with the gems of the sea, then make sure to incorporate a few pearl-enriched accessories in your winter wardrobe. There’s really no limit to what you can do with this versatile gemstone. Celebs have been diving into the trend as of late as well. Whether it’s Kate Middleton’s hairpiece or Taylor Swifts outerwear, expect to see pearls continue to dominate the red carpets throughout the fall and winter. It won’t be hard to duplicate the look!

  1. Updated Fanny Packs

Chic pearls have definitely made an impressive comeback and so have fanny packs. Yes, the previously-infamous fanny packs are now trending and they show no signs of slowing down. And fact is: not only are these mini purses now totally chic, but they are practical and convenient, attached to dress or coat belts or worn on the wrist. Logo-adorned, sporty, leathery, minimalistic or bedazzled, fanny packs are the number one accessory to watch, catch and rock on repeat this winter. Again, a word of advice: Don’t go digging through your closet just yet – these are not the same fanny packs from your favorite 80s movies. Do yourself a favor and go out and get a new one. You won’t regret it.

  1. Power Leather Dresses

OK, so it might not be the warmest fashion choice so make sure you layer accordingly. Base layers are key. Designed for the modern woman on the go that wants to exude confidence and poise while keeping her urban and professional appeal, leather dresses are definitely having a big fashion moment. From classic blacks to rich browns like sepia, Sienna and mahogany, leather frocks are perfect for the colder season, when all you need to look put-together from head to toe is a pair of chunky heels and a statement coat.

  1. Cocoon Coats in Retro Prints

If there’s one thing that’s simply mandatory in your winter wardrobe, that’s a cool and comfy coat. And this year, the catwalks are lacking in basic, minimalistic pieces. Instead, all trends indicate that eclectic, voluminous, retro-inspired and cocoon styles are what’s IN. Our favorites: plaid-print beauties in cocoon cuts that could easily come from a completely different era. This season, make a bold statement and ditch the predictable black coats in favor of unexpected prints – and even embrace the mish-mash, mixed print look for a playful, fresh spin on winter style. For a little inspiration, look no further than the British royal family. Kate and Meghan love this look and have already been spotted with their preferred looks.

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