2017 Spring Clothing Trends

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Fashion is all about trends. And as anyone who follows fashion trends will know, in order to keep on top of the trends, you have to keep ahead of them. By the time many people realize that something has become trendy, they are usually too late. Some people find themselves constantly chasing the fashion train. When most people are stocking up their wardrobe with new clothes for the fall, the biggest designers have already displayed their Spring/Summer fashion lines on the catwalk in fashion weeks across the globe.

That means that right now is already the right time to be looking forward to spring next year. What sorts of trends can we expect to find in stores come spring 2017? No one can guarantee anything because of the nature of fashion, but let’s have a look at what are set to be some of the biggest fashion trends next year.


A Continued Dominance for Upscale Leisurewear

For the past few years the athleisure trend has gone from strength to strength, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Kanye West recently released his latest Yeezyline for Adidas, and Beyonce joined the party this year with the in-demand Ivy Park. But it is not just celeb lines that have the athleisure market booming, Basketball Shortsare emerging as a chic new high street trend, and even fleece is making a comeback.

Ballet-Inspired Fashion

Perhaps a knock on from the athleisure trend, we will also see a rise in ballet-inspired fashion. And we are not just talking about a resurgence of ballet flats either (although this will be a welcome return). Soft, flowy dresses and skirts that are designed for both elegance and movement will be on racks in stores everywhere this springtime.

Unique Florals

Yes, we know, we know—florals for spring? Groundbreaking. But this year we are seeing collections that have taken on the floral trend in new exciting and unique ways. One particular example is in the form of bespoke suits for women. Patterned pant suits for women are making a huge Working Girl-style comeback this year, and this trend will continue in the spring, with floral patterns adorning suits and jackets across the globe.


Oversized Suits

And while women’s fashion is embracing the floral print on their suits, menswear is looking beyond the more fitted trend of recent years, to oversized suits. In particular, we have seen a lot of bold, padded shoulders on catwalks across the fashion world—from designers such as Balenciaga, Lanvin, and Vivienne Westwood—and we can expect to see a less-exaggerated version of this in stores starting this spring.

High Waters

Brace yourselves for “where’s the flood?” jokes all of next year, as high waters are finally going mainstream. A favorite of hipsters in years past, high waters are especially going to prevalent in formal menswear, to be paired with a bold statement sock (no one likes a bare ankle). Sheer tops are also set to be big in men’s fashion this spring, but let’s hope most realize that these are not to be worn at the same time.

One of the greatest thing about fashion trends it the circular nature of the trend. Your style may not be what everyone else is wearing this year, but that could be because you are ahead of the game. A few examples of this are flood pants from the seventies making a big return in the early 2000’s, and the most recent return of high-waisted jeans, something that would have been completely shameful just 3-4 years ago.

Very few people are fashionable all the time. If your style isn’t fashion right now don’t give up. You could be the leader in next years most fashionable styles.

These are just a few of the biggest trends that are expected to take hold this spring. But no one knows exactly what will catch on until it actually does. Here’s to looking forward to finding out!


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