10 Work Accessories Every Wall Street Woman Must Have

Wall Street womanA powerful woman is always confident and poised. These two traits transpire through anything she says and does but also through what she wears. It is true that confidence comes from within, however, clothes and accessories also have the ability to give us a confidence boost.

The Wall Street woman achieves the job of her dreams by being smart and using a top-notch CV to get noticed. What distinguishes her from other women is her clever sense of style, her impeccably groomed appearance at all times and her timeless work accessories. She can wear these time and time again whether she's attending a super important business meeting or she's jumping in a limo to get to an office party. Here are the 10 must-have accessories that every Wall Street woman needs in her wardrobe.

1. Eye-Catching Brooches

Often overlooked and underestimated, brooches are gorgeous pieces of jewelry that instantly elevate an outfit. The best part of this accessory is that they are incredibly versatile. The styles vary enormously, making them suitable either for daytime wear or evening outfits.

Powerful women often choose big gold brooches to emphasize a conservative, all-black pantsuit. This keeps the outfit clean and classy, adding only a touch of sophistication, without overpowering it. Brooches are generally worn on blazers and jackets, on the chest area, from where they can brighten up the look.

2. Oversized Watch

It goes without saying that Wall Street women always show up on time, with their punctuality being one of their distinctive traits. To make sure you don't run late for any important appointments, choose an oversized watch to adorn your wrist. Watches have more than a practical use. They have the power to transform outfits, making them look more put together and more sophisticated.

However, you should be careful in choosing the perfect watch - this accessory shouldn't look flashy, but rather classic and refined. It should also feel comfortable to wear.

3. Statement Rings

Powerful businesswomen love to don statement rings on a daily basis. Whether they comprise colorful gemstones or pearls, rings beautify a woman's hand, especially when they are paired with an immaculate French manicure that elongates the fingers.

The thumb rule when choosing statement rings is to keep the rest of the accessories low-key. Another piece of advice is to stick to similar accessories and choose only gold or only silver when you put together your outfit in the morning.

4. Sleek Scarves

Nothing transforms an outfit like a silk scarf with a subtle pattern. Scarves are not only for winter months. They can easily be transitioned into spring and summer, especially when the fabric is light, with bright patterns. If you're not a big fan of tying a scarf around your neck, you can tie it on your tote's handle for an elegant pop of color.

5. Pearls

The epitome of sophistication, pearls can be found in every confident businesswoman's wardrobe. Whether we're talking about a bracelet, stud earrings or a breath-taking 50-inch strand, pearls are timeless and opulent jewelry items.

The ultimate accessory for daytime and evening wear, pearls will effortlessly make you look polished and refined in an instant. If you don't mind bending the rules, choose a strand of black Tahitian pearls as your go-to necklace.

6. Glasses

This accessory will spare your eyes while making you look smarter. Big glasses with thick frames look very professional and beautifully complement a power suit. If your outfit is conservative, you can get creative with your eyewear. By choosing daring red frames or a subtle leopard pattern, you'll add a chic touch to your outfit and still look professional at meetings.

7. Classic Bag

Carrying around your laptop and other bits and pieces doesn't have to mean wearing an all-black backpack. There are plenty of fashionable, high-quality designer bags out there that offer enough room for all your essentials.

Choose a classic shape and sturdy materials that will complement your body figure and your daily outfits. A black leather bag will stand the test of time and help you have everything handy at all times when you're on the go or commuting.

8. Subtle Perfume

Don't give in to temptation and use more than one spritz of your favorite perfume. A confident business woman is very careful and selective when it comes to choosing her fragrance. Notice the singular. Most Wall Street women stick to the same perfume for years in a row simply because it defines them like nothing else.

A strong eau de perfume will last from morning till evening without any effort. If you're wondering about the silage of the perfume of your choice, you can check other users' reviews here. A useful tip that will keep you smelling fresh, but not overpowering, is to lightly spray your hair, your scarf or your coat with your favorite perfume. This will last longer than on your own skin and follow you around with a subtle fragrance.

9. Business Card Holder

While applying for that much-desired job on Wall Street leaves room for a lot of unconventional details, when you finally do make it to the top, it's time to keep it traditional. From this respect, an elegant business card holder is key to making a good impression in the professional world. A confident business woman keeps this in her handbag at all times. Whether it's conservative and elegant or bold and colorful, a business card holder is a must have. It makes it easy to take out your card at any time, without fumbling around in your bag, which looks unprofessional and is very unladylike.

10. Belt

Last, but not least, belts are another accessory that is often overseen. A cheap belt can easily ruin a carefully studied outfit. However, a high-quality, beautifully crafted belt will accentuate your waistline and make any pencil skirt look tenfold more sophisticated. Belts are a business woman's secret weapon to a perfectly tailored outfit and an impeccable figure.

These work accessories that every Wall Street woman must have effortlessly suit any outfit, making it look more elegant and professional. Carefully selected accessories will last for years in a woman's wardrobe and are highly versatile. The ultimate fashion tip a business woman should follow is to always choose quality over quantity.


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