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Travel Internationally With Apple TV

Apple iTVApple TV requires a network connection. The older Apple TV’s carried a hard drive. The new models of Apple TV do not have a hard drive. Therefore you cannot download anything on the device.

There are two ways to use the Apple TV. You can use your internet to stream, from your computer or your iOS device. Apple TV carries ports for Ethernet or WiFi.

However, even though the WiFi is free Apple TV is not designed to connect to hotspots. Since Apple TV has no web browser, there is no way to accept terms and conditions for use which need to be done even for free hotspots.

AirPort Express

Your hotel room must have an Ethernet port. AirPort provides you with WiFi for all of your devices, including your Apple TV. The newer models of AirPort have two Ethernet jacks. If, your room has no Ethernet and the hotel offers no WiFi you are out of luck. You could share the hotel WiFi connection from your laptop by using the Ethernet port on your Apple TV, and plug in Internet Sharing.

Lastly, plug your laptop into your television and forget the Apple TV. Your internet speed is not going to be fast when in other countries.

A slow internet speed prevents you from streaming your favorites. Hook Airplay up to, Mac or IOS device. This option works well. You can view your movies, music and more on the big flat screen in your hotel room. The exciting thing about AirPlay is you can even view HBO GO.

Virtual Private Network or VPN

When you are out of the country, the access you need is, of course, geo-restricted content. One solution is to use a VPN service (Virtual Private Network) to access streaming in foreign countries.

You can connect (securely) to the server of your choice. This service acts as a proxy from different locations than where you are located. When abroad, select a server in the United States such as CBS. CBS identifies the server as coming from the correct location; then you log on using SecureLine VPN. SecureLine VPN protects and secures all of your information and identity no matter where your location.

VPN acts as a pathway enclosed by walls all around. This passageway ushers your private data through secure halls, such as your emails, your VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and your browsing history. Everything entering or leaving this chamber is secure through encryption, including your location, address, and identity. This SecureLine keeps your iPhone, and Android protected and secured.

In Conclusion

The new Apple TV was recently redesigned for International travel. This redesigned Apple model allows you to rent or download movies and music. You can access the Apple library for items of interest when traveling. The most important thing is to stay secure when using all your Apple devices.

When traveling throughout the United States and abroad with your Apple TV, you can stream any station, CBS, TNT, TBS, ESPN and of course TruTV.

If you have any questions, please ask below!