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Tramontina’s Bible of Barbecue: Beauty and Functional Design

pork kebapsChefs know that most cookbooks are not all that useful. But this one makes quite the exception. We present you the Bible of Barbecue. JWT Brazil made copies of a book known as Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco to promote the Tramontina cookware line.

The book guides you and provides you with everything you need to execute a true Brazilian grilling experience.

Chapter 1: Starting

Fire and wind are essential elements for a great BBQ. So is earth which comes in the form of coal. The first page of this book is a coal block. Shatter it with the handle of your knife and place the pieces in your grill.

Next comes a red page. Tear it off, set it ablaze with a lighter and place it among the pieces of coal. The third and final page of this chapter is a red cardboard piece. Fold it into a fan and use it to fire up the grill. It is all so simple, all you have to do is follow the pages, anyone can do it.

Chapter 2: Cooking

pork ribs just out of the barbecueAprons look ridiculous most of the time. However, the first page of chapter is probably among the most stylish aprons ever made. Unfold it and put it on like a boss. Next comes a piece of aluminum foil. As shown on the promotion video, you can wrap a big potato and place it on the grill. Don’t feel sorry for the book, it was meant to be torn apart after all. You can also use it to oven bake or even to cover the bottom of your oven so that you’ll be able to clean it faster and easier. That’s a trick many professional cooks use in order to reduce the amount of oven cleaning in their kitchens. It’s not only simple but very natural and safe way to guarantee the high level of hygiene. Of course, when you need to replace the foil, ecery supermarket offers adequate solution. You do not have to use cleaning solutions or detergents as these may contain ingredients which cause allergic reactions or even poisoning, if not rinsed and washed away properly after the cleaning is over.

The page after that has a date with your dull knife. Even if your knives aren’t dull, why not sharpen them again just for good measure? The cover of the book is actually your chopping board but you probably already figured that out since it’s made of solid wood. Slap those juicy cuts right on it and work with your freshly sharpened knives. Cut out any fatty parts of the meat.

The final page of this chapter is dedicated to the most generic seasoning ingredient: salt. But then again, what’s food without salt, right? Sprinkle some on your cuts of meat and place them on the grill. Add any additional seasoning of your own.

Chapter 3: Serving

grilled food served right out of the bbqThere’s a placement page and another that serves as a serving tray. They both look really fancy. Just put the placement page on your table and grace it with a plate. A knife and a fork on both sides would be helpful unless you want to eat like a caveman. Pick up the cooked cuts from the grill and put them on the placement tray. Now all there’s left is to serve and enjoy those delectable, juicy cuts.

The last page of Tramontina’s book is a kitchen cloth you can use to wipe your countertop. Because true chefs know even their wiping rags have to be branded.

Well, it looks like Tramontina really do know a thing or two about barbeque. They prove so by creating a book that guides you every step along the way. An ultimate combination of beauty and functional design. And unlike the real Bible, this one is pretty straight forward about things.

But if there is one thing the BBQ bible doesn’t help you with, it’s definitely cleaning. Cleanup after a barbeque is time-consuming and downright boring. What’s up with that, Tramontina? You helped us prepare a wonderful meal for our family and friends but you say nothing about all the work that’s left hanging. If that’s the case then keep in mind, most oven cleaning companies will gladly help you with your grill as well.

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