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Top Reasons to Buy Glass Hand Pipes to Smoke Like a Pro

If you are new to smoking cannabis, it can be confusing to understand different terms such as bongs, dry pipes, Sherlock pipes, bubblers, etc. It can be difficult to wade through the pages of information on every site to understand the basics.

There are numerous ways to consume and enjoy cannabis, and glass pipes seem to be a popular option for most. As a newbie, glass pipes can seem daunting, given the different variants and price points. However, a glass pipe enhances your smoking experience like none other option.

Glass pipes are so popular that many people often collect intricate or novelty styles, such as a Rick and Morty pipe. So, why are they famous?

Why Opt for Glass Pipes?

Cannabis users can consume cannabis in several different ways. However, some methods seem to be more popular than others. Beginners often do not know or have the resources to make edibles or even opt for vapes. Hence, many people tend to opt for hand pipes. Here are some advantages they offer.

Smoke Flavor

Pipes are made of different materials such as clay, silicone, ceramic, and wood. However, glass pipes are hailed as supreme more often than not. While glass pipes may be a little more challenging to clean than silicon pipes, they produce untainted flavor. Unlike other materials, with a glass pipe, there are no competing flavors to worry about, and you can enjoy a smooth and clear smoke flavor. Hence, most people tend to prefer glass pipes.


Several people prefer hand pipes because of their portability. If you like to smoke with your friends, and do not want to worry about packing a large bong, then a handheld pipe is the best option.

Pipes are smaller than bongs and can be easy to carry anywhere with you, unlike bongs, which have different components and are fragile. Glass pipes need care as well, but due to their smaller size, they are much easier to take care of, even if you decide to carry them with you where you go.


A hand pipe may be used for cannabis or tobacco, but a big is generally associated with cannabis. While the legal weed industry is growing, some people may still be worried about judgmental stares from others. Hence, people opt for glass pipes, which are easier to store and are not immediately associated with cannabis.


While most people love to use a bong or a water pipe to avoid the harsh hit of the smoke, bongs can be fragile. Shattering a bong piece is much easier than you think, especially if you are prone to clumsiness. Accidents can happen at any moment, and when you require an urgent hit, having a pipe can be handy.

For those who may not be good at rolling joints or do not want the hassle, a pipe is an easy way to ensure that you will enjoy your cannabis even without a bong.

Novelty Pipes

While bongs have intricate designs and are fascinating to look at, you will have better luck finding novelty hand pipes. Novelty hand pipes are not only great as collector’s items but as gifts as well.

Hand pipes are also easier to customize and design. Hence, you can get a novelty pipe with practically any design, whether it is a Rick and Morty pipe or a Batman pipe. For those who like a personal touch to their items, novelty pipes are the best invention.

Easy to Clean

Some may agree to disagree, but hand pipes are the easiest to clean. Although a silicone pipe is easier to clean as you can just stick it in a dishwasher, cleaning it by hand can be a chore. Hand pipes are a singular component, unlike a bong. Hence, there is no need to separate parts.

Instead, you can clean the entire hand pipe in just a few minutes. Cleaning your hand pipes by hand ensures that you check them thoroughly for any sediment and provides a good smoking experience.


Not all glass pipes are affordable, but the best ones are. With glass pipes, you will find a wide price range. From the cheapest options, which are great as temporary solutions, to the most expensive and intricate designs, glass pipes are quite versatile. No matter what your budget is, you will be able to find a suitable option.

Some are dedicated to their hand pipes, while others may prefer other methods. However, for those who want a lightweight, portable, and affordable option, a hand pipe is their best bet. Hand pipes come in various shapes and sizes; there is an option for everyone out there.

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