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Top Mini Electronic Cigarette Brands

Mini Electronic Cigarette BrandsMany people want to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, but not all succeed. This mainly happens because they buy low quality personal vaporizers which do more harm than good. There are so many e-cigarette brands that it is actually difficult to keep track of them. Moreover, most promise a lot of things and fail to deliver. If you want to get the most out of your experience with personal vaporizers we recommend that you conduct extensive research, ask a friend, and make sure that you purchase the perfect cigarette for your taste. Here are three awesome manufacturers who will definitely provide you with the best vaping experience.

1. Apollo E-Cigarettes

The first thing I liked about the Apollo cigarettes was the package, which is both impressing and easy to understand. While most starter kits are complex and difficult to unwrap, the Apollo kit has a great presentation. It is also equipped with everything you might need, including a car charger, flavors, atomizers, flavors and two electronic cigarettes.

The battery is very elegant and it creates an overall pleasant appearance. Charging the device is very easy, and fast which means that you will never be left without your precious vaping device. In terms of autonomy and appearance, Apollo will not disappoint. As far as e-liquids are concerned, they offer a wide range of flavors which come in two distinct sizes. Because we are always concerned about money, we will tell you that Apollo offers great quality for a reasonable price.

2. Blu E-Cigarettes

The blucig has already become a favorite brand for many users. First of all, the starter kits are complete, affordable and good-looking. Moreover, the electronic cigarette is a two piece device, which means that it is equipped with a cartomizer. The cartomizer enables the liquid to transform into vapors faster.

Another thing you should consider is the fact that blucigs offer a tempting variety of atomized liquids which will enhance your vaping experience. From Pina Colada to vanilla and chocolate flavors, there is something for everyone.

3. eCigs Brand

The eCigs represent another inspired choice for newbies, because they offer great starter kits which contain anything you will ever need. This brand is renowned for offering only the latest technology for amazing prices.

In the starter package you will receive a free USB charger, for convenient use, a powerful Lithium-ion battery for long life and autonomy, and awesome liquids. In other words, you will benefit from a great battery that will never leave you hanging, awesome flavors, and pleasant throat hit.

These are three mini electronic cigarettes which we believe are worth mentioning because they contain exactly what a new user needs in order to get started. There are also other manufactures which offer great models, but it is up to you to conduct research and decide which cigarette is best suited for your needs.

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