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Top Five Ways to Get Pulled Over By A Cop

policeDo you think speeding is the only way to get pulled over by a cop? You could be engaging in another or all of these top ways to get pulled over and not even realize it. Being a conscious driver, and being aware of what cops are looking for, could help you to keep your driving record in great shape. Multiple traffic violations can not only get you in a lot of trouble, but can also cost you a lot of money. It is also important to note, that your license can get suspended if you have too many violations of a certain type. So here are some of the top reasons that cops will pull you over.


Okay, so speeding is obvious, and it's easy to understand why. When you are speeding you are increasing your chances of having an accident. You are also increasing the severity of even a minor accident. Hitting a dog in the road is a pretty common occurrence, but the faster you are going the more damage you will have to your car and the more potential there is for serious injury to yourself and your passengers even in this minor collision. Now think about having a major collision at faster speeds.

While speeding you also decrease your breaking distance between yourself and other vehicles. This means that if another car has an incident you could easily become a part of it simply because you are going too fast to break and get out of the way.

Cell Phone Use

Cell phone use while driver is a major contributor to accidents and many car deaths each year. Cell phone use is one of the most distracting thing you can engage in while driving. Some states ban all cell phone use while driving, and if this is the case in your state then you need to be aware of this so that you can avoid expensive traffic tickets. Different states have different law concerning cell phone use. It would be wise to get educated on your state's specific laws. It is also important to note that regardless of your state's law concerning cell phone use, it is still a very distracting behavior and can put you and your passengers at extreme risk. A good rule of thumb is, "Drive like your life depended on it," because really it does.

Dangerous Driving

Now this category can encompass many things, but mostly it would include running stop signs or stop lights, improper lane changes, failure to yield, illegal U-turns among other things. It is also easy in this cell phone age to start thinking that using a cell phone is the only way you can be distracted while driving. Truth is doing anything other than driving while driving increases your chances of having a wreck. Police officers report seeing people, eat, shave, and apply makeup, writing, and even reading while driving. All of these are considered dangerous driving and can get your pulled over by a cop.

Equipment Violation

Equipment violations can include a multitude of things. If the equipment on your vehicle is not functional then you can be putting yourself and others at risk. Some equipment violations include, heavily tinted windows, burned out headlights, burned out taillights and even broken wind shields. Some states even have regulations concerning loud exhaust modifications as well. Some states deem that these are also a distraction to safe driving.

Following Too Closely

Following too closely is a very dangerous driving habit that can contribute to accidents. The less room you allow between yourself and the car in front of you the less reaction time you have if that car should stop suddenly. Sudden lane changes are also closely related to following too closely and can contribute to severe wrecks. When you change lanes suddenly you cannot always be aware of what is on the other side of the car you are getting around. This can put you and your passengers at risk. Cutting off other drivers can also contribute to road rage, which is a very real and very dangerous aspect of driving.

By avoiding these common traffic violations you can cut down on your chances of being pulled over and thus cut down on your chances of accumulating expensive traffic tickets. Your driving record is a benefit to you and enables you to move about freely and get good rates on car insurance. You should take steps to protect your driving record by following good driving habits.

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