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Top Five Two-Person Halloween Costumes

If two of you are going to a party then it probably makes sense to go with a couples outfit. There may be a few logistical issues if one of you is 7ft tall and the other 5ft, but that's surely all part of the fun when you're choosing Halloween costumes.


The traditional pantomime horse costume is quite frankly ridiculous. But is it any more silly than the numerous zombies and vampires that will be circulating on October 31? We don't think so. The big decision is whether you go front or rump, but this will make you feel better wherever you end up: you'll either be the leader in the relationship, or the backbone.

Other options include mammoth, camel, snake or cow. Alternatively invite your friends for a millipede mash-up, or pair up in separate lovebirds costumes and make everyone nauseous on Halloween night.

Batman and Catwoman

Be the hottest couple at any Halloween party by rocking up as Gotham City’s finest crime-fighters. Batman and Catwoman look great together-dark masks, boots, nocturnal super heroes. If this is a bit obvious, you and your partner could also consider another his and her team: Mr and Mrs Incredible!

Marge and Homer Simpson

There's always one Duff outfit at a party - but that certainly won't be you and your loved one as you dress up as everyone's favourite yellow-skinned couple. With a marriage still as rock-solid as Groundskeeper Willy's abs, and three loving children who haven't aged a day since 1989, these two continue to live in imperfect harmony in Springfields.

Feel free to make accessories such as the TV remote, a handbag and three children, and for added hilarity swap gender roles for the night!


We love to have food inside us - so why not outside? These high-calorie horror shows will get tongues wagging and stomachs rumbling. And the opportunities are endless: peanut butter and jello, bacon and eggs, hamburger and fries, and pizza and beer, to name but a few.

Cereal boxes not only look artistically impressive, but also fit together nicely - if several of you have the same idea you can arrive at the party as one of those multipacks. If you'd like to make new friends on the night you could dress up as vending machines and dish out the odd sweetie, snack or drink. For more gastronomic ideas, plus plenty more inspiration take a peak at this Pinterest page of awesome outfits.


Do you go as a famous duo, or one person? You'll see in this Buzzfeed piece that some couples team up as one entity, such as the bed and the monster below it, while others are classic pairs such as the Maitlands or Daenerys Targaryen and Dragon.

If you're struggling for inspiration you can make a simple outfit of your own. Got a suit? Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction or Godfather. Got some jeans and shirts? Shawshank Redemption. Add some simple accessories and it will look like you've just strolled off the film set! Well, maybe not - but at least people will know that you're a couple who like to be together and make things together. Sickening, but sweet at the same time.

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