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Top 5 Hospitality Trends to Follow in 2019

The fall is just around the corner and people are ready to enjoy the season like ever. Hotels have already started preparing to welcome their guests. However, if you want to do the best for your guests this year, make sure you provide them with the best experience.

The following are 5 hospitality trends to follow in 2019:

  1. Keep it Minimalist and Natural

If you own a hotel, then you must have a fair idea that renovations can cost a fortune. That’s why many hotel owners get discouraged and stay away from improvising the building’s interior. No matter if you offer free breakfast and fastest Wi-Fi, if your hotel’s interior design is outdated, people will not visit again.

Those who like to explore their hotel’s rooms in advance may even leave your website quickly without making a reservation.

In 2019, the hot trend in interior design is nothing but minimalist and natural. The cleaner the design, the better it will pop against the furniture and bedding.

  1. Switch to Cloud-Based Software

Another thing that hotels need to embrace is Technology, especially in every aspect of hotel management in 2019. In case you have missed it, hotel chains worldwide have already switched from their traditional record maintaining database to technology-driven management system. When asked, as high as 62 percent of hotels did so because their older systems were not meeting their modern needs anymore.

When it comes to employing cloud-based management software, there are many benefits; such as one can easily streamline activities in the middle of shifts. This results in saving your staff and you both time and money, which on the other hand leads to increased productivity and way happier employees.

  1. Leverage Local SEO Practices

Never underestimate the power of local SEO. Instead, you must try and put the best SEO techniques to practice. In case you’re based out of a small city and your hotel does not attract a lot of tourism, your business primarily relies on people directly visiting with family and friends. You should run a local campaign and ask locals to give recommendations.

Whenever someone needs to book a hotel room in your city and, they should see your hotel at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs) with adequate information provided in advance. Your online marketing team needs to leverage best SEO practices and create various social media accounts and Google My Business profile as well.

Ryan Hibbert, the CEO of Riot Hospitality, suggests as organic SEO takes time to give the desired results; it’s prudent that you start today to amplify your hotel’s rank in 2019.

  1. Partner with Local Transport Service

Today, most hotels worldwide have partnered with major local transport service providers, such as airport shuttles to ensure that their travelers don’t have trouble traveling to and fro between airport and hotel.

Likewise, various local transport companies also partner with hotels across the city. Your hotel should also provide such transportation service like rental cars, as taking additional steps for your guests in 2019 will certainly increase revisits and much better online reviews.

  1. Go Green

Today, we live in an age wherein everyone talks about going green; society should be pollution-free, and we must plant more and more trees. Well, the focus is on significantly reducing the emissions of carbon and going green to ensure our future generations have something to thank us for.

The same applies to your hotel as well. Since consumers are awake these days, they might get discouraged and cancel/shorten their stay, in case they figure out that your hotel has no green alternatives or does not watch its carbon footprint, whatsoever.

The International Tourism Partnership (ITP) in late 2017 published a report called the Hotel Global Decarbonization Report. This report specifically covered the impact of total carbon emissions by hotels worldwide. The book also mentioned a plan to significantly reduce carbon emission by the industry. If you can, then please join the program and get your hotel on the list.


Every hotel ensures that its guests don’t face any problem during their stay and want to retain them. In 2019, the above trends can help hotels make sure they do their best to make their guests happier than ever.

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