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Top 5 Fun Ideas That You Can Do With Water Beads

Water beads are slippery marble like looking balls, which comes in a shrunken form and needs to be hydrated properly, before you can use it for having some real fun. They are available in various shapes and colours. Hence, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Water Beads

There are various things that you can do with water beads like using it for decoration purposes or playing with it with your kids. Here are a list of fun ideas that you can use for having a great and memorable time with water beads.

A cost-effective fun decoration item for special occasions

With Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year all lined up, your house needs good decoration for drawing in compliments from the guests. What can be a more cost effective home decor than water beads? All you need to do is plan the theme for the party, like for halloween everything should be dark like black, orange, yellow and for christmas green, red and white and so on. After you have decided the colour, put the theme coloured fully grown water beads in a glass vase and place it on the dining table, centre table or in any corner of the house. The whole process of decorating for the party will be fun for you as well as your kids!

Trust me it will not only be appreciated by the guests, but your kids will love them too.

Have fun making room fresheners with water beads

Are you tired of spraying room fresheners every time you smell something stinky around or do not like the smell in the room? Don’t worry you do not have to do that anymore. With water breads you can enjoy the process of making your own room freshner. Buy a packet of water beads, place it in water and add essential oils to it, leave it for 8 hours. After the mentioned time, the water beads will be fully grown and you can place them in a decorative glass bowl on the table in any room and enjoy the smell. Your water bead air freshener is ready!

Just simply play with your kids with water beads

The beads are slippery and fun to touch. The kids enjoy it passing through their small fingers. Just make them sit with a bowl full of grown water beads and allow them to do whatever they like with it. It will enhance their motor skills. Also, you can teach the kids to separate the same coloured water beads from a bowl filled with mixed colour beads. Your toddlers will definitely enjoy it, at the same time you will have fun too!

Water Beads and Science

Want to have fun with science? Now that becomes easy with water beads. Take a transparent vase or jar, place shrunken water beads in it, then place a plant. The beads will absorb the water and gain its full shape. The fun is you will see the plant is alive even after a week, even if you do not water it. How? The water from the beads will supply the required water to the roots and hence will act as the catalyst for proper photosynthesis.

Playing with water beads, the Tomatina Style!

There are various ways you can play with the water pearls, but to have real fun with it go for La Tomatina style! La Tomatina is a famous festival held in Spain every year, where people throw tomatoes at each other and dance and enjoy on the tomatoes. Similarly, you can host a house party, where put some water beads in balloons and tie them up anywhere. When your friends come over, burst them and enjoy the raining water beads.Also, you can fill the bathtub with fully grown water beads and dive into it with friends. Sit, stand, throw it on each other, choice is yours! But it is sure that you will have lots of fun.

Now that you have a few fun ideas to enjoy with your friends and family, go and grab packets of water beads for yourself. Believe me, it’s fun and beneficial at the same time.

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