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Top 3 diseases which can be cured by correct choice of shoes

We notice in our everyday lives that everyone wishes to dress themselves in the most attractive manner. We spend a huge sum just to look attractive and respectable; however, most of us forget the importance of the bottom-most element in our clothing i.e. shoes. Shoes play one of the most primary role in human health and fitness. With the evolution of computer technology and increase in automobile use, the ratio of neck and back diseases has drastically risen. People like professional computer programmers must have the knowledge regarding the choice of shoes to overcome neck and back aches they might encounter with the passage of time. Major sources of various diseases and their cure lie in the choice of shoes. Therefore, it is really vital to have a good knowledge of shoes types for some major diseases and in this article, I am going to help my readers to gain this knowledge.

  • Back pain: First let us discuss the issue faced by many people nowadays in almost every age category i.e. back pain. Now someone might think that how shoes on feet play a phenomenal role in the health of backbone so let me tell my readers that the leg bone is somehow interconnected to the spinal cord. Thus, when the choice of shoes isn’t right, the shock absorption is less thus transferring the shock felt on leg to spinal cord which then leads to pain.
  • Hip pain: Now let us discuss hip pain. Hip joint is one of the robust parts in the human body which takes all the weight in any posture that we take. If I draw an analogy of the human hip-joint, it is like a ball joint system in which a cartilage (soft bone) acts as the lubricant allowing smooth movement. Over the lifetime of a person, bad choice of shoes may cause intense shock to be transferred to the hip-joint which causes wear and tear to the cartilage. Pain in the hip-joint causes reduced range of motion and also causes intense pain.
  • Sciatica: Last but not the least, sciatica, a disease many of my readers might be unaware of, is also caused by improper choice of shoes to allow comfort. Sciatica isn’t the name of just one pain rather it’s the name of a compound of hip and back diseases. In simple terms, it is caused by a compressed nerve root which is sometimes also known as the sciatic nerve. This nerve is located in the lower spine and extends all the way down towards the back of legs. To keep the sciatic nerve safe, correct choice of shoes is really important.

Now the big question arises regarding how to judge which shoes to buy for each particular dilemma. Watching a barrage of new and perfectly designed multicolored shoes in the market every month makes everyone crave for them and therefore huge sums are often spent on shoes but unfortunately, shoes’ outlook is often paid more attention to than to the technical structure of a shoe on whichbikilia-evoour health depends. Therefore, we must go into the technicalities and pros/cons of each shoe respectively. How to judge the pros and cons is a big question. A regular issue faced by many is that shoes offering comfort are normally brightly colored joggers or trainers but the above link highlights dress shoes that are good for health separately.

Moreover, it offers to help both men and women by giving separate lists of shoes for both genders. And let me mention in particular that if you don’t like shoes then it offers a classification of sandals that are good for hip and back pain.

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