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Tips to Keep Your Swimwear Look Good Forever

We invest a lot of time, effort and money in buying that perfect swimwear so it's only natural that we take great care of them. But taking care of a swimwear is different from taking care of other clothes. In this article we will give you some tips on keeping your swimwear in good shape. However, if your swimwear has already deteriorated then its time that you just buy a new one from business stores like Proswimwear. Always remember that the delicate fabric used to make swimwear need special attention and they easily get damaged when exposed to certain chemicals, so you should know what to do and what not to do when it comes to taking care of your swimwear.


  • Identify The Materials Used In Its Making

The first and perhaps the most important step is that you accurately identify the materials used. How to wash it? How to dry it? Which chemicals to use? All of this will depend on the material of the swimwear. Usually materials used in making of swimwear include cotton, spandex, nylon and polyester. The materials used in its making and washing instruction will be printed on the tag.

  • Rinse Immediately After Your Day At The Beach Is Over

Delicate fabric can get damaged when exposed to certain elements, for this reason it is of prime importance that you rinse off those elements as soon as possible. Chemicals like chlorine, sunscreen, bodily secretions, dirt and sand from the beach, can potentially cause damage to your swimwear. We advise you to rinse them in cold tap water. If you took a swim in the sea then rinsing your swimwear becomes even more important as salt can accelerate the degradation process of the fine fabrics.

Another tip that can extend the lifetime of your swimwear is to minimize the time you spend in the sun. Heat from the sun can act as a catalyst for chemicals such as chlorine and sea salt and can significantly speed up the process of degradation.

  • Hand Wash Vs Machine Wash

A lot of people ask about this. The question of whether you should wash your swimwear in a washing machine or is it better to hand wash it is an important one. If you were to follow our advice, we would suggest you to wash your swimwear with your hands. Take some cold tap water or water at room temperature, put some mild detergent in it and let the swimwear soak the detergent for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Then gently wash the swimwear without making any rapid movements or stretching it in an abnormal manner. A lot of experts say that hand washing is better than machine washing. It is believed that washing swimwear in washing machines decreases their life time. The agitation in the washing machine causes the polyester or nylon in the swimwear to lose its elasticity. However, if your swimwear it too dirty and simple hand washing is not able to remove all the stains and the dirt then you can definitely try machine washing.

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