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Tips to Consider at Pre-stage of Getting a Leased Bike

BIKERThe first thing to consider here is the element of time. When you buy a road bike, you get to use until you let go of it. When you lease one, you only get to use it for a contracted period of time with the corresponding fees. These fees cover the depreciation that the bike incurs on a monthly basis. Other than that, there are also caps set on the mileage that you can consume. Once the lease is up, you will be given the option to fully purchase the bike or lease another unit.

A lease normally a significantly less amount of money involved compared to buying.

Try to haggle for the lowest offer.

A lot of people believe that haggling for a lower price is only applicable in buying a new road bike. The thing that not a lot of people do not know about is that haggling can be done in leasing a road bike. Do not forget about this option before you say yes to the lowest price being offered to you on the new bike.

But before you go into battle regarding haggling for the lowest lease price, familiarizing yourself with present prices of leased bikes is a must for you. In this way you will know how much leverage the dealer can give you.

Try to calculate the mileage you are going to consume for the whole deal.

This act will save you a lot of money because you know what your realistic mileage limits are. This will save you some money from going over your limit. The usual computations come in actual factions. If ever you go beyond your limit, you will be charged properly at the end of your deal.

But there is a way of getting around this and that is by paying for the added mileage before the deal begins. This normally is at a lower than usual rate.

Do not lease a bike for 3 years or longer.

There is a good number of bikes being leased for only about 2 years. The maximum period that a bike is leased is at three years. This is all according to reliable statistics regarding road bike rentals.

The truth is that dealers offer leases on bikes for a much longer period. Obviously this would give them maximum monetary mileage for each bike they lease out for more than three years. But as a consumer, you need to stay away from these deals and stay within the 2 to 3 year period of leasing. The fact that you should consider here is that the longer you use the bike, the more prone it is to damage and repairs. Repairs in this case will have to be shouldered by you. And as everyone knows, the longer the bike runs, the more it is exposed to damages and breakdowns.

Try to reconsider buying the bike that you leased.

Whenever your lease is up, the dealers will give you the enticing option of purchasing the bike you used for a few years based on its' assessed residual price. This seems to be a good choice since you know the bike inside and out. However, the reality of it is that you will be spending a lot more in totality (lease and residual price combined) compared to buying a new one. So it is better to shy away from this offer.

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