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Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Horse

Throughout centuries horses were animals that people tamed and made into trusted companions. They were used as primary means of transportation during medieval ages, but nowadays, horse riding is only a sporting activity. Horses can be loyal and loving just like dogs, but the problem is, we need proper conditions in order to keep horses. These animals are big and powerful, and most importantly, they need their exercise, running is simply in their nature. If you have a vast yard and enough finances to afford one these majestic animals, you should definitely give it a try. Who knows, maybe you will discover the love for this hobby was just lying dormant deep within you. Additionally, here are a few helpful suggestions on how to properly take care of this creatures.

A shelter for a horse


First and the most important thing you need for horse keeping is a place big enough for it to stay, as well as to protect him from bad weather. In other words, you need to have a stable, or a barn. Moreover, your front yard needs to have a big fence, since horses are prone to making an escape attempt, especially if they are new. Avoid placing barbed wire or electrical wires, since your horse will very likely get injured. Finally, if there is a lot of sand or dirt in the stable, do not feed the horse by serving him food on the ground. Feed the horse from a barrel or from a tub, this way, you will significantly reduce the risk of the ingestion of sand.



Grooming your horse is not only essential for its appearance, but also for its health. When you groom your horse, you have an opportunity to see if it has been injured, or if it has some ticks. Make sure you inspect its hooves, mainly if there are any pebbles stuck in the grooves. A word of advice, if you notice some white marks on your horse's hooves then it probably has fungus, and this occurs when horses stand in mud for a prolonged period of time. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about, the fungus will disappear in time, provided you move the horse to stand on a dry surface. Eastside Animal Hospital in Muskogee, OK may help you if you are not sure what to do. It is important that you choose an adequate surface for your horse to stand on, since wind and dust can cause various allergies, and some types of surface are more likely to cause higher levels of dust. Lastly, make sure you pick a surface which will be the most comfortable one for your horse-crushed rock with fines is usually a good choice.


Horses should be provided with good supply of fresh water, as well as with salt, or some sort of mineral lick. Since these animals love to move a lot and are in constant need of minerals to keep their energy level, they should be fed at least twice a day. A horse's diet commonly consists of hay or roughage. The portion of food you give to your horse is not only dictated by its movement but also by its size. The best way to determine the right amount of food you should give your horse is by talking to a veterinarian. Another word of advice, avoid giving your horse hay with high concentration of proteins because it may cause hoof problems. Of course, if your horse gets a lot of exercise, you will need to put him on a diet enriched with proteins, but otherwise, it will only cause issues. Basically, any type of food you buy for it will have instructions on the package concerning the amount you should give to your horse.

Exercise is important

Russia-Rostovsky State Steppe Nature Reserve

As it was stated before, these animals require a regular workout. Without providing them enough exercise, you are robbing them of their essence. Horses need to stay in shape, and you must be aware it takes devotion to properly nurture these creatures. Always take your horse for its daily ride, and if you have enough time on your hands, feel free to do this more than once a day. Remember to find a suitable trainer to show you the ropes, how to properly ride and handle your horse and how to know when it had enough exercise.

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