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Tips for Improving Camera Phone Photos

Your phone was once capable of taking a blurry snap with a tiny resolution. Mobile phone cameras are getting better and better. Gone are the days, when you had to carry a bulkier DSLR. Camera-phone makers are now paying more attention to sensor quality, speed, and optics, rather than just one-upping each other on megapixel specs. This phenomenon has bought about an influx of photo-sharing and editing apps. This changed how professional photographers work.

smartphoneLet's delve into mobile photography, and take a look at how you can mix timeless technique with modern technology to capture fantastic photos using your mobile phone.

  1. Light your subject well

The better lit your object is, the clearer your image is likely to be. Make your food look more appetizing, facial expressions more cheerful and environments more welcoming using the right amount of lightning. Do keep in mind where your source of lightning is coming from. Go near windows or doors when taking photos indoors, and to sources of light like street lamps when snapping photos outside. To capture texture and depth, you can shoot your subject using side light.

  1. Shoot now, edit later

To produce much better quality images, resist the urge to use your camera phone's inbuilt editing and effects. Phone manufacturers try to differentiate their models by offering an array of editing functionality in your phone. It's better to leave the post-processing to Lightroom, Photoshop or Aperture Rather than your phone's limited processor. Take your shots in colour at high resolution to keep your options open on how you treat it later.

  1. Avoid using the Digital Zoom

The digital zoom feature will decrease the quality of your shot. You will end up with a more pixelated shot. You are always best served by pretending it does not exist. The camera extrapolates what's already there and guesses what the image looks like. It gets ugly fast. Choose to edit your image later using photo editing software.

  1. Photo editing apps

There is alot you can control while taking pictures. Enhance or pictures more by using photo-editing apps after the photos are taken. Some android apps like Camera FV-5 come coupled with a photo editor. Some apps perform editing functions like crop, straighten, rotate, flip and remove red eye. Whatever you pick, it will be worth to spend a little time getting used to it.

  1. Keep your lens clean

This might be a challenge for you but it is worth keeping your lens clear and maintained. Your phone spends a lot of time in your bag, pocket, etc. and is used all the time, As a result, it becomes dirty and fingerprints are a common problem on lenses. Time to time cleaning of your lens is required. This can be done using a soft cloth. Don't click hazy, dark images without cleaning the lens. No matter how many retro filters you slap on them, they won't look good. Once you clean it using a soft cloth, you will realize that a deep clean has made a difference.

It might sound silly to take out your phone and practice taking pictures, but one day you will be glad you could catch a great shot while others might be busy trying to run off their stupid flash.

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