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Tips for a Cleaner Public Bathroom

public-bathroomIt can be difficult to keep a public bathroom clean. With a variety of users who have little responsibility for keeping the place clean, a public restroom can get ugly quickly. A poorly maintained bathroom can reflect poorly on a business. However, a clean and fresh bathroom can do wonders for a business or office; when the restroom is clean, it is a good sign that the business is well maintained and responsible. Here are some ways to keep a public bathroom clean throughout the day.

Toilet Seat Covers

Toilet seat covers provide bathroom users with a higher level of comfort and a sense of personal hygiene. These inexpensive covers can really change the experience of the restroom’s users. Many individuals will use toilet roll as a seat cover, and this can end up all over the floors. However, a toilet seat cover is designed to flush directly into the toilet after use. Similar options include automatic change seat covers and toilet seat cleaning spray.

Touchless Faucets

One of the bigger gag factors in a public restroom is touching the surfaces that other restroom users have touched. Restrooms can avoid this by using touchless surfaces such as faucets, electric dryers, and electronic paper towel dispensers. These motion sensored devices allow individuals to use them without getting the germs of others who have come before them. This way, each person can be more responsible for their own hygiene. These options have the added benefit of saving on materials; they allow patrons to use only the exact amount of water, air, or paper that they need.

Preventive Cleaning

Some of the worst bathroom messes could be prevented by a little preventive cleaning. Restroom attendants shouldn’t wait until the restroom is in dire need of attendance, but should instead do routine checks to clean up the small messes that exist. This way, the restroom never gets to a place where it’s appalling to its users. A good maintenance schedule can ensure that the bathroom is monitored and cleaned more often than it needs to be. A supervisor should also periodically check to make sure that maintenance staff are doing a good job.

Sanitary Bins

Sanitary bins are especially important for sanitary disposal in the ladies’ restroom. Bins placed in each stall allow women to discreetly get rid of any waste products. When these bins are not conveniently in place, some restroom patrons might try to flush the products down the toilet, causing clogs. Or, they might simply throw the products on the ground. A third option may be to throw them in the communal waste bin, where the sight may offend other bathroom users. None of these three alternatives is desirable, so be sure to have sanitary bins in each stall. The bins are a low cost solution to patterns of littering and poor sanitary disposal in public bathrooms.

Keep Glass Clean

Glass is one of the first parts of the public restroom to show its filth. Smudges and splashes on the mirrors and glass can turn what was otherwise an attractive feature of the room into a grotesque display of the restroom’s poor upkeep. A good window cleaning solution can easily take away the gunk that can collect on windows and mirrors throughout the day. Again, preventive cleaning is key; glass surfaces should be wiped down frequently, and before they become highly tarnished.

Pleasant Scents

Restrooms naturally provide for some interesting and unpleasant smells. But even those scents which are meant to cover up bathroom smells can sometimes become nauseating for their association with bathrooms, especially if they are very strong. Instead, try to have a neutral smell in the bathroom. A good, scentless deodorizing spray should take away the smells of the restroom. If you wish to add a scent to the room, try adding a fragrance that isn’t typically associated with bathrooms. Most of all, the scent should be pleasant without being highly noticeable or overbearing.

Urinal Cakes

Urinal cakes are an important addition in men’s rooms. The smell of urinals can grow strong by the end of the day, and urinal cakes help break down the chemicals that cause these unpleasant smells. Be sure that restroom attendants change the urinal cakes often and practice good preventive care; urinal cakes should be switched out before they have the chance to run out.

Public bathrooms don’t have to be disgusting. With a bit of maintenance, a public bathroom can be kept fit for use. Each of the tips above provides a simple way to improve the quality and hygiene of a piublic bathroom. Remember that when the public bathroom experience is aversive, it can take away work productivity or the customer’s receptivity to your products.

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  1. Nice tips about public bathroom, really if all take care about these tips it will be always cleaned. thanks

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