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Tips and Tricks to Ensure You are Keeping Your Brain Active

nootropics-brain-wavesIf you don’t keep fit and active, your body can start to become out of shape causing you to feel sluggish and lazy. The same applies to your brain. Fail to stimulate it on a regular basis and you won’t be maximising its full potential, so with this in mind here are several tips and tricks to ensure you stay up to speed mentally.

  • Keep studying and learning

While the brain is actually not designed to retain every single thing we learn throughout life, it’s important to keep studying in a bid to stay sharp. According to extensive scientific research, we can make the brain work better by accumulating more knowledge as the increased wisdom we acquire compensates for the decline that naturally occurs with age.

So, whether you fancy learning a new language or taking up dance lessons do it for the sake of your mental ability and long-term brain functionality.

  • Make the most of all your senses

The more senses you use at any given time, the more your brain is likely to remember a certain experience. If you see a perfume bottle, for instance, without smelling the fragrance, there’s a high chance you’ll forget what the bottle even looked like – let alone what the perfume brand was. If, however, you look at the bottle and smell what’s inside you’ll have a much better chance of remembering the product, so be sure to make the most of all your senses.

  • Read, read, read

We live in a world of convenience where watching the movie is easier than reading the book and checking out a how-to video on YouTube is simpler than reading instructions. This is not good news for our brains, however, as this very complex organ benefits from a good workout and reading is much more demanding neurologically than processing images or speech. Getting stuck into a good read can therefore keep your brain hardier and more alert as you get older preventing you from getting lazy and sluggish.

  • Play online games

The online and mobile gaming industry has exploded of late with many epic releases now available to download onto handheld gadgets. Not only are these great fun but by taking part in competitive or challenging activities you’ll actually be giving your brain a workout which in turn will help you stay on the ball. Playing bingo online, for instance, can increase the functional performance of the brain by over 2.5 per cent helping to fine-tune focus/concentration and improve reaction times.

  • Enjoy a good workout

Scientists have come to believe that staying active and enjoying regular physical workouts is the single most beneficial thing you can do for your brain. While the heart and the lungs respond in an obvious way when you hit the gym or go for a run, the brain is quietly getting fitter with each calorie burnt too. Around 30-minutes of relatively strenuous exercise every day should be enough for your brain to stay on top form, so perhaps try and slip this into your busy schedule.

There are many ways to keep your brain active, but these five tips will certainly help.

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