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Three Tips to Keep Your Carpet Clean

BFGFBFSEveryone needs to have their carpet cleaned professionally, and it is a good idea to do this twice a year. There is no substitute for the knowledge and skill of a professional carpet cleaner. They can clean your carpet to a standard much higher than you could hope to do yourself. However, there are certain things that you can do to keep your carpet cleaner than average between the times when a professional does the job. The following are three tips to accomplish this.

Remove stains immediately
Although this may seem time consuming, if you wait to remove the stain, it can become ingrained into the carpet. Often a stain is more than discoloration. If it is from a food or beverage, bacteria can build up over time and create a health issue. If you find yourself having difficulty getting the stain out, a professional carpet cleaner can help. Many of the save cleaners who clean an entire carpet can be called to remove a single stain.

Take your shoes off
Do not walk on your carpet with your shoes on. This is difficult for people to do, especially in western cultures, but the number one reason your carpet gets dirty is because of the soles of your shoes. Everywhere you walk, your shoes will pick of dirt and bacteria. When you walk on your carpet with your shoes, you are transferring this to your carpet inside your home. If you make a habit of taking your shoes off near the door, before walking on your carpet, you will notice that the carpet holds up quite well between professional cleanings.

Vacuum regularly
Even when you are only walking on your carpet with your bare feet or socks, the carpet will still be collecting dust. The carpet should be vacuumed a certain amount each week. Whether you do this once or twice a week is not as important as much as that it gets done. Too often people get into the habit of vacuuming a carpet only when they notice the carpet needs it, but this is visual. Carpets accumulate dust and dirt that cannot be seen, and this needs to be removed.

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