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Things You Should Know Before You Become a Teacher

Being a teacher is not an easy job. It brings a lot of fulfilment, but it also demands a certain degree of patients. There are various types of teachers, those that are strict and able to assert dominance and incite discipline, those that are friendly and helpful, and those that try too hard but simply never manage to form a good bond with pupils. Indeed, it is a profession that allow us to discover ourselves, and discover how we are perceived through the eyes of children. If you are planning on being a teacher here is a quick review of your life to come.


Children can often present a great challenge

Every child is specific in its own way, and the way they are educated at home plays a crucial role in how they behave in the classroom. There are those who are truly interested in your subjects, those who are forcing themselves to stay focused, and those who are simply not motivated by the opportunity to learn, and are more rebellious in nature.

You'll have the opportunity to know those children, to watch them grow, influence their thinking and to be annoyed by their temper from time to time. Moreover, you'll have to adjust your program to their needs, not the other way around.

You'll travel but have more responsibilities

As a teacher, you'll have an opportunity to travel along with your pupils, since schools organize educational field trips. Although this is a great job perk, rest assured that it will be a source of intense pressure, considering how kids tend to run wild when they experience this kind of freedom. It is a new experience for both them and you, since they sense the lack of parental supervision. It can be quite stressful but, as time goes by, you'll get a handle on those things.

You'll be home for the holidays

Another job perk is holidays, and you will be able to spend them with you family. Of course, as a teacher, you'll probably have to go over the tests and evaluate them, plus throughout the whole year, your job is never finished once classes are over. You have to go home and plan the next day, in other words this holiday perk is well deserved. After all, you'll end up working a lot longer than you initially anticipated, so make these holidays count, and make sure you are fully recharged.

Interaction between teacher and children, funny class in school

You'll stand a lot

Lastly, one thing that may bother you the most is constant standing, it will certainly take some time before you get used to this arrangement. You'll be constantly exhausted, but in the end, it will become natural to you. The problem is that this kind of lifestyle takes its toll, mostly in form of varicose veins, back pain, hip pain etc. Find good countermeasures for these troubles in order to preserve your health. Book massage sessions, visit your doctor for suggested treatments, and find a way to properly recover.

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