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Things to Do to Liven up Your Evening in London

There is absolutely no excuse to stay indoors on a Saturday in London. Unless you're dead or dying, staying in is simply not the done thing. London is full of true hearty hedonism and you need to be able to enjoy it. There are thousands of destinations to go to, so you are guaranteed to find something to your liking. However, there are some true hot spots that you shouldn't miss, particularly on a Saturday night. If you fancy a night that you will never forget, then all you need to do is go to the following destinations. That will truly liven up your evening in London. Best of all, some of these places are surprisingly affordable, particularly for London standards. Enjoy, and have the time of your life.

The Cat and Mutton, East London


Saturday nights are all about the vibes. However, if you're not quite ready to go to the clubs yet, and you want to just have a few drinks and chat about the working week, then the Cat and Mutton is for you. This is a posh and trendy bar that is truly lively and has plenty of aplomb. It is a place to see and be seen and the ambiance has a true buzz to it, while being relaxing at the same time. The pub also offers regular evening entertainment to create a frivolous atmosphere that just screams London. Plus! You can roll the dice and if you beat the barman, your round is on the house. Now that is a winning shindig!

Club de Fromage


Club de Fromage is all about the cheese. It is a fantastic night club with real pizzazz and it is not afraid to be cheesy. The club doesn't take itself seriously at all, instead throwing out the cheesiest songs and cheesiest music. Plus, if you dare to walk around in a garish cheesy outfit all night, you will be able to jump the queue and get in quicker. This is the place to go if you, like everybody else, secretly do like cheesy music that we can all sing along and dance to, and indulge in.

Saturday Night Queue Jump Ticket at Salvador & Amanda

Saturday Night

Once a week, on a Saturday night, you can get into one of the hottest clubs in London and jump the queue. The Queue Jump Ticket at Salvador & Amanda costs just five pounds, and it guarantees you priority entrance. The club itself offers Spanish luxury and style. Enter to the scent of gorgeous sangria cocktails and tapas nibbles. A true fiesta that excites all six of the senses. Best of all, you can stay until 3am. Or you could leave a little earlier & fit in a visit to Winks London too.

Zebrano Carnaby


Finally, there is the Zebrano Carnaby. It is a chick restaurant as well as a lively bar, so perfect either for the start of your night or for the end. The upstairs dining area is relaxed and stylish. The cocktail list is beyond amazing and you can sample food and drink from across the world.

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