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The Ultimate in Star Wars Gadgetry is Upon Us

The neverending stream of Star Wars memorabilia and merchandise has become almost commonplace for the people invested in the stories and legends of the Jedi, the harrowing tales of the Empire, the near-swashbuckling antics of Han Solo and Chewbacca, and the power of the Force. For decades now, these movies, books, television shows and comic books have created a more and more complex universe of tales all woven together to form the rich tapestry of the Star Wars saga.


Naturally, when something special like this comes along, there will be ways to participate in the magic of the on-screen world, and gradually the days of the incredibly expensive high-end replica are being replaced by the affordable and technologically advanced weeks and months we find ourselves in. Leading up to Christmas 2016, there is a whole new world of collectables to be discovered and attained. New heights of fandom to be reached. New Order helmets that can now be ordered online!

As with all such times, there are varying qualities of product, and there are different levels of commitment needed for each price hike. How much are you willing to pay to get that super realistic Lightsaber Hilt? How long will you really spend rolling that BB8 RC around? These questions, along with many more, cross the minds of the friends and family of Star Wars fanatics every Christmas, and while years gone by have yielded little more than C3PO Socks, or the newest Pop Vinyl figurines, this year might be the perfect time to finally break the mold. This isn’t just any Star Wars product, and it certainly is no moon…

Since 1977, there have been many bold attempts at releasing the perfect Star Wars merchandise. You have your lightsabers, your remote controlled droids, and your large array of action figures, plush toys, posters, and paraphernalia to suit almost any fan’s wants and/or needs. However, what if there was a newcomer that could upset the balance of all of the above? A disturbance in the force? From Australian company Plox comes a new, highly anticipated product just in time for Christmas…

The Levitating Death Star Speaker!

This not-yet-released Death Star floating speaker is the first fully-endorsed-by-disney levitating Death Star Speaker to hit the australian market, and the preorder slots for christmas are quickly running out. It’s easy to see why, the magnetic base of the speaker is free of cables or wires, giving the entire thing a clean and polished look, as well as the 5hr battery life to allow for plenty of time for listening to the music of your choice through the ultimate weapon of intergalactic annihilation ever to be created by the empire. Best of all, it connects via bluetooth, so without an internet connection your music still continues strong, playing with a full 360 degree amplification. This speaker can provide the perfect backdrop for your viewing of the iconic and everlasting original trilogy, or for the fans of the newer trilogy, experience the deceptively crisp sounds of the pod races, the wonderment of the clone wars, or the epic battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan. The final thing to note about this truly incredible speaker is that you can use it without its magnetic base. This might take away some of the effect of an eerily floating Death Star blasting music all around, but it does make for a more portable listening experience.

In the end, the Levitating Death Star Speaker is a strong contender for the best Star Wars product to come out this year, and shouldn’t be taken lightly when weighing up your Christmas or birthday options in the coming year, however the pre-sale is going quickly, and with Plox’ previous product (a miniature BB8) selling 20,000 in the first 7 days, you can bet that all eyes will be on this Death Star Speaker this december.

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