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The Top 10 Casinos for Locals in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a popular destination not only for tourists but local gaming enthusiasts as well. In this article, we will come up with the top ten locals casinos in Las Vegas.

1. Tropicana


Tropicana Las Vegas is a popular locals casino, said to have an outstanding customer service, offering a 4,600 m2 gaming floor. It is situated on the Las Vegas Strip.

2. Aliante


Aliante is renowned for the outstanding quality of services the local clients are offered. It is a combination between quality level expected from popular casinos such as Red Rock or Monte Carlo and the value for money.

3. South Point

South Point

South Point is rated uniquely, as an “all in one experience”. Without having to spend a fortune, guests can feel like VIPs and the entertainment possibilities are guaranteed.

4. Red Rock Resort


Rated five stars, Red Rock is a favorite casino in Las Vegas, boasting a very helpful staff and value for money. Red Rock’s cocktails are really hot!

5. M Resort

Picture 12316

Rated for the staff quality, easy access, and parking facilities M Resort, though a bit pricey, features a great bar with awesome beer sentiments.

6. Silverton


Listed sixth in this list, Silverton boasts a relaxing atmosphere and a cheerful & friendly staff. The casino is sometimes overcrowded.

7. Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch is considered the best for locals in Las Vegas. A friendly staff and a good value for money.

8. Sam's Town

Sam's Town

This casino is also recommended for Las Vegas, local people. It stands out with the kind and professional staff who has built good relationships with the locals over the time.

9. D Las Vegas

D Las Vegas

Situated in the downtown Las Vegas, this casino stands out with its unique party atmosphere.

10. The Orleans

The Orleans

This casino is one of the best for locals. The low number of tourists in this casino is that makes The Orleans a good option for local gaming enthusiasts in Las Vegas. A friendly staff and a wide range of exciting options.

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