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The Right Way to Wear Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces are specifically designed to make a fashion statement. These tips will help you bring out the best in you with these necklaces.

Although some ladies do not yet know this, a very tiny aspect of clothing, such as jewelry can actually improve your overall look. Well, this is amazing, yet tricky. When it comes to necklaces, especially the currently trending statement necklaces, how you wear them can improve your appearance or water down otherwise impressive attire. The power of these bold and big necklaces, also referred to as the bib necklaces is simply overwhelming. You can purchase these pieces of jewelry from the jewelry section in department stores or clothing stores for between $20 and $30. Just as is the case with other types of jewelry, there is a particular way in which you should wear these pieces of jewelry. Mentioned below are tips to help you wear a statement necklace in the right way.

statement necklessUse a Hairstyle That Holds the Hair Upwards

Just as the name suggests, the statement necklace is meant to make be noticed, hence a fashion statement. Having long hair can greatly affect the statement you make with these necklaces. As such, you should consider wearing a hairstyle that holds the long hair in an upward direction and backwards, such as bun, or a sleek pony. Such a hairstyle will leave the neck and the necklace visible allowing the necklace to take the spotlight. It makes no sense to wear an attractive statement necklace if you are just going to cover it up with your hair. Many people have tried this tip with success, so you should consider applying it as well.

Wear a Simple Dress or Top

The main emphasis when wearing statement necklaces should be to make them visible. In this regard, you should also wear a rather simple dress or top that does not attract attention from the necklace. Fro instance, you may wear a solid top with your necklace. Such a top will not distract eyes from the jewelry. Additionally, you should also ensure that the neckline of the top or dress you choose to wear is simple; it should not have extra fabric or ruffles on the neckline. In this regard, you may couple this type of necklace with a print.

Wear Simple Jewelry

If you have decided to wear a statement necklace, you should keep the other types of jewelry to a minimum. For instance, the rings, bracelets and earrings you choose to wear along with these necklaces should not draw the attention from the necklace. This implies that you need to wear simple, yet attractive earrings, bracelets and rigs along with a statement necklace. For instance, you may wear cocktail rings and stud earrings and keep the bracelets to the minimal.

How statement necklaces will appear on you may, partly, be influenced by the way you wear them. The big and bold appearance of these necklaces can be ruined by the way you wear them, hence not achieve what they are meant to achieve-make a fashion statement. In this regard, you should consider using the above mentioned tips to ensure that these necklaces look great on your neck.

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